The ‘I Just Got Back From Holiday’ Look

Not that you’d know from my nonexistent tan, but I just got back from holiday, well a couple of weeks ago anyway! I always find that when you’re on holiday your skin looks better and the makeup you wear is less as it’s not necessary. As someone who does like to come home after a week or so away, I must say I still quite enjoy channeling that holiday glow. You know the one: your skin looks healthy, you’ve got a glow and you look like you hardly tried at all. Obviously we all know a little bit of work does go into it, but my ‘I just got back from holiday’ look is one I will be recreating for weeks to come. (Especially as the weather makes it feel like I’m still on holiday!)

'I Just Got Back From Holiday' Look

It’s definitely an easy makeup look, minimal effort but beautiful results – I think so anyway. To create the look I began by exfoliating my skin as the hot weather is making it dry and flaky, which never sits well under makeup. I used the Clinique 2in1 Exfoliating Cleanser from the Pep-Start range, it’s not too harsh so it doesn’t make my skin go bright red after either. To moisturise I used the Formula 10.0.6 Picture Perfect Day Cream, it has SPF 15 and is quite tacky so doubles up as a primer of sorts. I decided against a dedicated primer as in this heat makeup will start to slip off your face if there’s too much layered up.

I wanted a glowy base that had a light to medium coverage as when I’m on holiday I usually only use a concealer to cover blemishes. I mixed my all time favourite foundation NARS Sheer Glow with the new Autograph Luminosity Liquid Radiance in Rose, which is absolutely beautiful and everyone NEEDS to try! It’s meant to be a dedicated highlighter but I used it as a mixer and the result was dewy and glowing. I didn’t bother going in with a concealer as the foundation covered everything just enough, and I didn’t want to look cakey.

For cheeks I decided to use creamy products, so as to not mattify my skin at any point. I gave two products from Smashbox, that I’ve neglected in previous times, their chance to shine; they did just that. For blush I used the Silver Lake Sunset Stick Colour, it’s a peachy shimmer that added a hint of colour as well as a gold glow to my cheeks. Then for highlight I used the Hollywood & Highlight Stick Colour, also by Smashbox. It’s an absolutely gorgeous silver champagne and it doesn’t accentuate your skin texture; something I can’t stand in a highlighter.

'I Just Got Back From Holiday' Look

The eyes were also not at all complicated. For the brows I ran through them with a spoolie and then added some Gimmie Brow, to make it look more natural I used my finger to smooth out the product disrtibution and the spoolie to reduce the shade. I have shade 3 which is too dark, however shade 1 is too light so I have to work with what I have. For the eyes I used Urban Decay’s Naked Basics and Pixi Weylie collab palette, sweeping Naked 2 over the lid and then Potato into the crease to darken it up. I took the black Crave and created a small wing, using the excess on my brush to smudge along the upper lash line. For the lashes I used the Nouveau Lashes Enhance Mascara as it adds volume at the roots and natural length at the tips.

To finish I added Benefit Dandelion lip gloss to my lips as it’s not sticky and adds a wash of milky pink. Also, it is the best smelling lip product I own, and that’s saying something. Of course in this heat I had to use my trusty Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray – or how else would I manage to keep makeup on for a decent amount time.

I really hope you like my ‘I just got back from holiday’ look, it’s certainly my go to, I’m even planning to wear it to work! I really like using cream products in this weather as they don’t look cakey at all and instead give you a glowy profile. I’ll admit my eye makeup is exactly revolutionary but it’s simple and it works for any occasion.

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