Mask Month #1

I have more facemasks than any one person can put on their face in a year, unless you’re planning on doing several a night that is. Hopefully I can fix this over the course of a month by bringing ‘Mask Month’ into effect. Every week I am going to choose and use five facemasks to use and review in a roundup on the Saturday, I find there are very few facemasks that warrant their own post, so this way I’ll actually be able to let you know what I think about them. Mask month #1 has a mix of drugstore and highend masks, which was unintentional but I think it shows you that I’m no skincare snob.

Mask Month #1

The first mask I used this week was the Omorovicza Deep Cleansing mask. I only have the mini of this as I got it in a beauty box, the full size is a ridiculous £62, and that’s not money I can justify spending on a facemask. My 5ml sample had enough for around three full face applications and then some spot applications too. The smell isn’t unpleasant, it’s definitely quite luxurious smelling something you would expect to find used in a spa. I can’t however say it’s results were necessarily ground breaking, especially for the price. My skin didn’t really look clearer after use, but for once it wasn’t overly spotty which is a nice change.

The second mask was somewhat gimmicky, but still worth a try. I bought the Etude House Laugh Lines Care Patch while in Dubai, and it was quite cheap. It caught my eye as often my foundation will sit in lines around my mouth, and as an 18 year old that’s not something I really want. This mask contains two hydrogel patches which you place around you mouth for about 30 minutes, they did feel very moisturising, but didn’t remove my lines. I knew they were unlikely to work miracles but they were worth a try anyway. I probably wouldn’t buy them again, instead I’ll try something from The Ordinary instead.

I moved onto the Soap&Glory Radiance-Boosting mask on Wednesday, it came in the Spa of Wonder Christmas box. Now it’s a sheet mask, and as time goes on I’ve worked out that I am really not a fan of sheet masks. Caroline Hirons tweeted ‘sheet masks are just wipes with holes cut out for eyes’ and in a way I do agree. Personally, I don’t understand the point in them, they’re never the right size for your face, you can’t multitask while wearing one and they don’t do anything a couple of layers moisturiser or serum don’t. This particular one was meant to fix my ‘dull, lacklustre skin’, it was never going to manage that as I couldn’t leave it on long enough as it irritated me. Also, the sheet was so saturated it was literally dripping off my face onto my top, which wasn’t ideal. I much prefer traditional facemasks or hydrogel ones (some of which are coming later this month.)

The next mask is actually good enough to get its own review. It wasn’t long ago at all that I posted about TheBodyShop Matcha Tea Mask, it’s marketed as pollution clearing which seems to be a trend in skincare. The mask itself is cooling and leaves the skin feeling very clear and slightly more exfoliated after use. I really enjoy this as a treat for my skin whenever I feel it needs a pamper, and if you leave it in the fridge it is even better in this weather.

The final mask in Mask Month #1 is a personal favourite of mine: Glamglow’s ThirstyMud. I got a sample of this a while ago, and it has lasted such a long time, honestly I’m amazed. While Glamglow masks are rather pricey, but this 15g sample has lasted me so long, over a year in fact and it’s still got one full face application left. (I’ve already got a back up, I love it that much!) For me ThirstyMud is one of my go tos when I have super dry skin, I took two sachets on holiday for when my skin was feeling dehydrated from sun exposure and it really boosted it. This is a skin saviour for me in the heatwave we’re having and a definite repurchase, if I ever run out.

Those are my first five masks in Mask Month #1, I know there’s no round up photo to show you them all, I kind of used the packaged ones before I took the photos. Also, I’ve linked any posts they’re featured in so you can get a sense of what they look like! I hope you have found a new mask to try, a budget option is definitely Soap&Glory or Etude House, if you want something mid range is TheBodyShop and high end are the Glamglow and Omorovicza. Check back next Saturday for the next instalment!

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