Mask Month #3

I decided up the photo for Mask Month 3, instead of me awkwardly posing, not actually looking at the camera, this month has me reading a magazine. It’s also one day late as I had a wedding to go to and was quite busy during the week. I only ended up using four different masks in the end as I didn’t plan on using a clay one to bring out any imperfections before I had attended a wedding. (Think of the photos!)

Mask Month 3

I used the GlamGlow Gravity Mud mask for a couple of different reasons, firstly because it looks good in photos, and secondly because my skin needed a little pick me up before I did a full face of makeup. It claims to firm up your face, though I can’t say I am able to notice, probably because my skin is that of an eighteen year olds. It smells pleasant though, and is a lot of fun to put on and remove – I once described this as what I would expect unicorn’s blood to look like.

The Etude House 3Step Clear Nose Kit was a bit of fun really. Pore strips barely work on me, they never seem to remove any blackheads, but I liked the look of a three step system and wondered if it would make any difference whatsoever. The first step ‘opens’ the pores, I had to leave it on for 15 minutes which was an awfully long time to sit there for. Then the second step is when the extraction is meant to happen, while step 3 ‘closes’ those pores back up. I did actually see evidence of blackhead removal after using the strip, which is rare, but a nice surprise nonetheless.

Another mask, which I used mainly for the fun of it was by Holika Holika: the Golden Monkey Glamour Lip 3Step Kit. While I used this for the fun, I think it actually made a difference too. The first step is an exfoliating wipe – meh to the wipe – but it actually managed to get a lot of the dead skin off. Step 2 was a hydrogel lip mask, I love hydrogel masks and this one was no different as I could have it on and still do work. Step 3 was a super nourishing honey lip oil, it was incredibly moisturising and my lips felt amazing the next day. Definitely would repurchase when my lips are super dry.

The fourth and final mask in mask month 3 is another from GlamGlow; yes, I have an unhealthy obsession with their masks. I used YouthMud as it is super exfoliating and my skin is super dry. It has a tingle once applied but it dries down rather quickly, and when you remove it your face gets an extra dose of exfoliation. I wouldn’t say I would repurchase this one as it does similar to my old trusty Superdrug sachets, and they are a lot cheaper.

I might try and cram in a few more masks next week as mask month comes to a conclusion, but we shall see how the week goes. Slowly but surely, I am making my way through my masks, getting through the sheet masks I tend to steer clear from. I might start a challenge similar to the 365 day mask challenge and document it on Instagram, though maybe shorten it a little as I’m no longer a mask hoarder!

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