Results with Lucy: 2 Week Update

I said I would be documenting my Results with Lucy journey, and here we are at the two week mark. It’s only going to be a short one as there’s only so much change after two weeks of exercise. So here is my Results with Lucy 2 week update.

Results with Lucy 2 week update

I first posted about my rebooted RwL journey on the 4th of July, and have been trying to stick to the programme as best possible. They recommend you do 4/5 workouts a week and up your level after a week or so. I took to the first level quite well, after I got over the fact that my planks are terrible. I managed to complete five workouts, four completely serious and one I roped my mum into, which was lots of fun. I definitely felt that I got better each time I did it, though I did have to force myself to get up early before work to do one workout to reach a total of five that first week. I mentioned planks before, and they’re honestly the exercise that makes me feel the worst about myself as I cannot do them well, especially with sliders and extra movement involved. Luckily, level two didn’t have too many of them.

Week two was a bit of a write off, I spent two days in Portsmouth with friends so I was unable to do my workout then, and then I just had no motivation to workout. I managed one workout last week, however I did do over 15,000 steps three days so it can’t be all bad… right? After that blip I decided that I’d stay on level two for another week, firstly because I hardly even started it and secondly as it is a HIIT pyramid which I quite enjoy. (And there are around two exercises that involve planking – result!)

This sounds mean, but I’m excited that my little brother is going away next week as it means I have a photography studio and workout space, aka his bedroom for almost a week. Hopefully it will mean I am more motivated for blogging and working out, and that the four week update will include some updated body photos. There was really no difference, and I wasn’t expecting one after such a short time, perhaps there will be one next time. We shall see… Thank you for tuning in to my Results with Lucy 2 week update, I will try to be more interesting next time.

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