Results with Lucy: 2nd Time Lucky

I really want to get fitter, that’s been my aim for a while. I play hockey, but that is only really from September to March time and when that stops I get lazy. Me and my teammate Sacha, (who has now started a blog,) started to go to the gym together once a week. She then started a fitness plan, one that involved a lot of scary weights, she’s also blogging about that too. When I heard about this I decided to find a plan that would suit me, one that wouldn’t take me out of my comfort zone too soon, and one that I could continue when I moved back home where I don’t have access to a gym. Luckily I follow Beky Lou on Instagram and she shared a before and after from last year which sold me on the Results with Lucy fitness plan.

Results With Lucy Fitness Plan

Results with Lucy have many different options which is really great as you can choose a plan which is right for you. Beky’s results were from the Beach Body plan and as they were so impressive that was the plan for me. I actually subscribed around the end of April, before exams started, back when I still had time to exercise. The Beach Body programme has six levels of difficulty, you begin at one and do that for a week (or as long as it takes to feel confident on it,) and then you move on the next. RwL suggest you spend a week, which is five sessions, on each level. If you complete all six of the levels while also eating well you should achieve a ‘beach body’ which is basically a more toned body that you began with. Don’t get me wrong though, toning up is not a necessity. It’s just something I want to do for myself and no one else, I want to get fit to help my performance in sport and my overall body confidence.

So as I said earlier, I began the programme in April reaching level 2 before exams and a holiday got in the way. I didn’t then cancel the plan; one because I had a 40% student discount and two as seeing £12 leave my account every month would likely be pretty good motivation. I’m starting again from the beginning, in fact I began again on Monday, this time I want to complete the whole thing. I’m now part of a motivation group on Instagram too, with other individuals trying the plan, it’s actually really helping me too as I know I should complete the exercises day to day to help motivate the others.

Results With Lucy Fitness Plan Before

Above and below are my before shots which I took before I started the programme again. I am not in my best shape, I have been more toned and I want to get back there. I’ve also put on about half a stone over the course of a year at uni, which isn’t much but I notice it. To be honest, I wasn’t going to share these as I am so self conscious about my body at the moment but I think these photos are another level of motivation. I don’t want to see this when I complete the challenge, I want to see results. I am also aware that just doing the plan isn’t enough, I need to eat better. Eating clean is easier at university, I buy all the ingredients and I cook all my meals. At home we all eat together and it’s not always the healthiest. That being said, the days I am home alone from breakfast to late afternoon so I can have a healthy breakfast and lunch. I’ll admit, the first workout is always the hardest – especially when you’re restarting it. I am crap at planks and the first level has quite a few which makes the whole process really disheartening. I think I just have to persevere to the point where I can do those planks without feeling like crap. That’s the first goal for me I think, being able to do convincing planks.

Results With Lucy Fitness Plan Before

I think that documenting my RwL journey will also be a form of motivation. I’m going to check in every two weeks up until I’ve seen enough progress and decide to maintain my shape, or until I give up which I hope does not happen. I don’t want to let myself give up as getting fit was a new year’s resolution of mine, but I’ll be honest I do find it hard to motivate myself at times. If you’re interested in my journey then I suggest checking back in a couple of weeks for a detailed review, or follow my IG stories for an update sooner.

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