A Disappointing Foundation

You might remember that this time last year the beauty world went mad for The Ordinary’s skincare. They had everything you could possibly need to fix your skincare products and then announced they would be releasing foundations. These foundations sold out in about ten seconds flat and the wait list was absolutely crazy, I ended up making an order when they finally came back into stock. The makeup lover I am picked up both the Serum and Coverage foundation, all at once. I’ve now had around a year to test these out fully, and while somehow I’m still on the fence when it comes to the Coverage foundation, The Ordinary Serum foundation is another matter.

The Ordinary Serum Foundation

I was really interested in this foundation as I thought it would be the perfect summer foundation. It’s marketed as a lighter coverage foundation, I imagine something like Glossier’s skin tint would be, and that’s what my skin could do with when it’s less spotty. The colour match wasn’t too bad considering I guessed from the online swatches that I would be 1.0 N. The formula also seemed like it would be onto a winner as it felt practically like I was applying water to my face. I tried to use this foundation as I normally would, moisturise, prime then foundation, and that seemed to work just fine. The coverage is buildable though does look a little cakey if you go too heavy handed – that doesn’t bother me though as it’s not meant to be too full of a coverage. Once it’s applied the skin looks healthy, you could say even glowy. Before I get onto the disappointing aspect, I do have to say that I quite like the packaging. It’s sleek and you can lock the pump, which means no spillage of liquid going all over your makeup bag.

Now the problem with this foundation is how it wears on the skin. You probably already know that I have the driest skin imaginable, we’re talking extra exfoliation is needed so my makeup sits properly. Now this foundation, somehow, makes me look less dry, which I suppose is a plus, but instead I look extremely oily. This shininess isn’t just around my t-zone, oh no, it’s all over my face. I look like I have purposely covered my face in grease, or have just run a marathon and sweat like nobodies business. I’ve tried to fix this problem too, I have added extra powder, which makes me look extremely dry until the oil seeps through. It doesn’t make sense at all but nothing I do fixes it.

I tend not to write much about disappointing products as I’d rather tell you about the hidden gems and holy grails, though I may start to do disappointing product round ups every few months or so. I wanted to let you know about this particular product as it was hyped up, more than it deserved. Also, it is a very affordable product which might make you want to try it without reading too much into it. What I can say about the foundation is that it certainly has a good shade range, especially when it’s at a drugstore price point. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend you purchase this particular foundation, but it could work for you, you just never know.

You can buy The Ordinary Serum Foundation on the Deciem website for £5.70.

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