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I’ll admit that I got overly posy for this post, perhaps it’s the name of the product ‘Pin Up Pink’ or perhaps I’m just an overdramatic drama queen, but I’ll let you decide that one for me. After a few posts away from my favourite area of beauty I thought I would bring it back to a good old makeup review. I got my hands on Charlotte Tilbury Pin Up Pink liquid lipstick through my LatestInBeauty x Sunday Times box (where I got to choose five products which included Charlotte Tilbury,) and I have to share my love for it.

Charlotte Tilbury Pin Up Pink lipstick on a pale female

You’d probably be surprised to know that my Charlotte Tilbury isn’t all that big, for a beauty blogger that is. The majority of it is lying in lipsticks as I do like to hoard them and the packaging is rather special. Ever since the Hollywood Lips range came out I have been coveting them, though couldn’t quite justify the £24 on a single lipstick especially when at university that would be my food budget for the whole week. However, I am heading up to London soon and I think stepping into the Charlotte Tilbury store could cause me buy something…

I think the Charlotte Tilbury packaging is some of the prettiest out there when it comes to lipsticks, though I found the liquid lipsticks to slightly underwhelm on the packaging front. The bullet lipsticks are cased in rose gold packaging which is highly pleasing as they are weighty and luxe, even the CT mini lipsticks have metal exteriors and little stars decorating the lids. The Hollywood Lips collection packaging is sadly plastic, I know it’s asking for a lot to have more luxe packaging and the cost is already great as it is, but once you’ve tried the bullet lipsticks you have high expectations. The liquid lipsticks still have the signature rose gold colour and even manage to have a window to show you the colour, but I just don’t feel it has the same wow factor.

Charlotte Tilbury Pin Up Pink lipstick on a pale female

Packaging aside, I do rather like the product. The applicator for these is not your usual doe foot, instead it is has more of a flat tip which means it is more precise – great for clumsy people like myself. I really enjoy the formula of these too; dry lips are not made for liquid lipsticks usually, however this formula doesn’t highlight dry patches too badly. As you can see in the photos there is evidence of dryness, but this is expected with practically all lipsticks that dry down. Also, from past experience this is by no means the worst offender of showing dry patches, that crown goes to the Colourpop Ultra Matte liquid lipsticks. These have a pleasant vanilla scent which doesn’t linger, it’s just a nice added extra.

Shade wise, I wasn’t sure quite how I would get on with it; I tend to stick to more muted tones, so this appeared to be quite out of my comfort zone. The website markets it as a ‘shimmery coral pink matte’, I’m not sure it translates the same way on me though. I see no shimmer in this formula, to me it is just a beautiful coral pink that suits me perfectly. It’s really a no nonsense shade that packs a punch, for example the makeup I was wearing above is very natural but was completely transformed by the application. It should be noted that the colour on application can be brighter than that of actual wear, as I found the velvety formula takes a while to dry down. To speed this process up I blotted my lips with a tissue and it certainly helped. I can’t label this as kiss proof, which is a shame, but due to the velvety finish if it dried down completely you would see a lot more of my dry patches.

I ended up wearing Pin Up Pink to go out with some friends one night as I’d been taking the posy  photos for this post earlier on in the day. That day it was a ridiculous temperature and I was expecting it to melt right off of my face – but it didn’t. Nor did it decide to budge while I was drinking. In fact, when I got home I would have been able to go out again without reapplication, though the beauty blogger in me would always touch it up.

I was pleasantly surprised by Pin Up Pink and the formula of the Hollywood Lips range, I think this is as I have seen reviews where the darker shades do not perform nearly as well. Part of me has my eye on Dolly Bird, but the other knows that it would be too bright and too pink for me. I am also aware that I have way more lipsticks and glosses than any one person could use in a lifetime – this is a regularly occurring thought when I am deciding whether or not to purchase makeup lately. (Though if there’s a good offer on my arm can always be twisted.) You’ll know if I decide to buy another, it’ll end up on my Instagram as per usual. The life of a beauty blogger is a strange one!

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