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Let’s all agree that suncream is one of the most important part of your skincare routine. It stops sun damage, which can lead to premature ageing of the skin and many other issues; head over to the Cancer Research website to learn more.  I came back from Dubai singing the praises of the La Roche Posay Anthelios range, and after 9 days in Spain, with zero traces of burning I am back at it again this time with a more comprehensive review.

I picked up the SPF 50 lotion and fluid when they were on buy one get one half price in Boots. The range isn’t cheap, but I am a firm believer in that there are certain areas in skin care that you should invest in – sun protection being the main one. The two products came to around £25 in total, and have so far well; through two weeks in Dubai where it reached over 40 degrees and then 9 days in L’Escala, Spain with highs of 30. The lotion is running quite low after nearly 25 days of body applications, sometimes being reapplied at least once, often twice. The lotion contains 100ml, so just fits within the allowed hand luggage fluid limit. I’d say the fluid is about half empty, a little goes a long way and I only use it on my face, neck and ears. As we head into summer in the UK I will be incorporating this more into my day to day routine instead of using an SPF moisturiser, as there’s just not enough protection in the moisturiser for me.

I always use SPF 50, any more seems unnecessary and any less leaves me burning – and that’s never fun. My mum reckons I’d tan if I ventured out into the sun more often, but to be honest, there’s rarely sun in the UK anyway, and when there is I’m always doing something instead. Plus I tested her theory in Dubai, 14 days and no tan, though you are rarely outside there. Spain on the other hand, 9 days and I’d achieved a holiday glow. Although, this was likely attained by a lot of walks and lazing around in the sun. I quite liked my glow, but I would never necessarily go looking for it; if we managed a few more sunny days in the UK my mum would be right: I would be less pale.

The Anthelios lotion is formulated for sensitive skin and is as water resistant as they could make it, but of course still needs reapplication. It offers both UVA and UVB protection, (as any sun protection you use should.) I don’t think you’ll ever find a lotion that doesn’t make you sticky. This certainly does, but in a way that sticky feeling makes me feel protected – I know where I’ve applied it. I don’t think the lotion is a must have product, it definitely does its job, but no more than my normal Nivea or Piz Buin All Day Long cream (though that name in itself is problematic, one day = 6hrs in this case, so don’t forget to reapply.)

The fluid on the other hand, it’s a game changer for me.  This fluid is not like a normal sun cream, it has much more of a liquid state and adheres to the skin like a milky product would. It absorbs fairly quickly into the skin and only tends to pill when layered too soon with moisturiser beforehand and primer afterwards – but to be honest, if I’m using the fluid, the likelihood is that I’m not planning to wear too much makeup anyway. The fluid is an expensive luxury, and less expensive products would suffice. However, I do enjoy this as it doesn’t seem to clog my pores as traditional lotions do, which is always a bonus for my spot prone skin. To remove the fluid I just used my trusty Clinique Cleansing Balm and a cloth, as although it’s lightweight, it still has some greasy residue.

I did like both offerings from La Roche Posay, but only think the fluid is worth the expensive price tag. If you’re in need of a hypoallergenic sun cream both of these are worth a try. I imagine I will end up finishing both of these over the summer, I would like to try a new brand next holiday to see which I prefer.


  1. BeautyandTheBoy
    August 15, 2018 / 11:51 pm

    This is such an amazing SPF its nice to see more and more people are getting on about how important a daily SPF is.
    I am so glad you mentioned that a moisturiser with spf isnt good enough a lot of people dont realise you literally need a dedicated SPF to get the proper coverage

    • Beth
      August 17, 2018 / 2:19 pm

      I was under the illusion for a few years that moisturiser plus SPF was enough, but I am very aware of the need for separate SPF now x

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