M&S Best in Beauty Top 5

Around a month ago, Marks&Spencer’s sent me the most amazing blogger mail package filled to the brim with their best in beauty picks. I have since been testing them out, adding them to my routine and shaking things up. In total the box had fourteen different products, a few I had tried before, and many I had heard about but never had been able to try. If you want a run-down of everything in the box, head on over to my IG highlights and click on ‘Blogger Mail’. Instead of doing a very similar blog post to that, I have decided to write a more detailed post on my Best in Beauty Top 5.

M&S Best in Beauty top 5

I’ll start with the odd one out, the only makeup product in the selection: the Stila One Step Correct skin tone correcting and brightening primer. One of my favourite youtuber’s, Shaaanxo, used to swear by this primer, using it in almost every other video. I liked the idea of this primer as it has three colour correcting shades. The green targets redness, the peach dark circles and spots, while the purple focuses on sallowness. This primer leaves your skin moisturised and ready for makeup, it doesn’t fill in your pores like others as it has the texture of a serum. I tend to opt for this if I have caught the sun or have particularly red breakout to disguise. You get 30ml of product for its £16 pricetag, unlike with normal products though with this you’ll actually get the whole amount due to its airless pump – excellent news for the frugal ones amongst us.

Onto the skincare, the most important being SPF. The M&S Best in Beauty contains the UltraSun anti-aging sun protection for very sensitive skin. While SPF 30 is slightly lower than my preferred sun protection, I am always happy to add another to my collection. The packaging isn’t particularly impressive, but one should never judge a book by its cover. The formula isn’t sticky, nor does it appear to leave a white cast over the face. On application to the face you can feel it is there, however it doesn’t take too long to sink in once applied. This is very much a high-end SPF at £20 for 50ml, luckily though it also has an airless pump, so you won’t need to worry about wasting any.

For makeup removal there is now a product to challenge the status of my Clinique Cleansing balm. It is the much-loved Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing balm, it comes with its own cleansing cloth and everything – and so it should as it costs £47! I adore the scent of this, it reminds me of having a facial in a spa, the herby, luxurious, relaxing fragrance which lingers in the air around you. The packing is nice, but not something you’ll wish to travel with; there’s so much extra unnecessary packaging, the tub is almost too bit for my hand. The texture of the balm feels almost gritty when first applied, yet after it has been massaged into the skin it turns into an oily consistency. This removes every trace of your makeup, even the waterproof mascara. I use this as the first step in my double cleanse as it does leave a small amount of residue on my skin, though you could leave that to nourish the skin, I prefer not to.

I’ll be honest, up until recently I haven’t consistently used an eye cream because it’s just another step to add to an already long routine. Luckily for me the M&S Best in Beauty selection contained the Filorga Time-Filler Eyes eye cream. This will set you back quite an incredible £47, which is more than my holy grail Moisture Surge moisturiser (£36), so I was expecting good things. I do love the packaging, it’s very clean and crisp and the very fresh scent. It has a really light formula which means it isn’t too heavy for the under eyes, for me this cream is a preventative measure as I have no wrinkles to fill just yet.

The final love of mine from the M&S Best in Beauty collection has to be the Origins Drink Up Intensive mask. I have used this for years and was very close to purchasing a full size when M&S sent this over. This mask is absolutely everything to my dry skin, I use it generously as an overnight mask to rejuvenate my skin and it does just that. The scent of this is also incredible and makes me want to use it even more often than I do. For £26.50 it does seem quite expensive, though I’ve found that you get lots of full face applications out of the 30ml mini so the 100ml version should last me ages.

These five are my definite favourite, but that’s not to say that I don’t enjoy the other products too – these are just the best of the best! If you pick up anything in the selection, make it one of these five, and if you still can’t choose you definitely need the mask. I expect most of these five to make it to holy grail status, which is high praise indeed.

You can find the M&S Best in Beauty picks on their website, products start from £18.

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