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Pixi Party Essentials

I love Pixi as a brand, their skincare was where my obsession started, but the more I use their makeup, the more I want to try. I’m lucky enough to be on the Pixi PR list – this is one of my biggest achievements as a blogger – the generosity they show, even to a smaller blogger, is incredible. They’ve given me the chance to try out products I would never even have considered could work for me, and I think other people need to hear about the hidden gems within the Pixi makeup range. This post was originally going to be focused on the products that would look amazing at a festival, but then it hit me: students (like myself,) are heading back to university in the coming weeks. Think of all the partying they’re going to be doing with killer makeup to complement their outfits. That’s how this post became more about Pixi party essentials, rather than being simply festival focused.

Pixi Party Essentials

I have to start with the showstoppers because leaving them any later in the post would be doing them an injustice. The Pixi Liquid Fairy Lights are products that were made to rival the Stila Magnificent Metals, they’re extra af glitter eyeshadows that will blow you away. (I haven’t been able to try the Stila versions as of yet, but they are more expensive at £23, than the Liquid Fairy Lights at £15.) I’ll let you into a little secret before we get any further into to these: it’s not often that I keep every single item I receive in a PR parcel. I only have one face and often not every shade will suit me, and there’s blogger guilt that I have so much makeup, too much for one face, and one day it will all go to waste. Usually, this guilt sees me donate products to friends and family, but not in this case. These are so pretty I have kept them all in my collection for those ‘what if’ moments when I need all the glitter.

There are five shades available: Crystalline, this is more of a topper than the others and possibly my favourite. It is a silver shimmer, which sounds pretty already, but when it hits the light you see the green, purple, gold and blue glitter. That glitter is why it is quite so mesmerising, it would be perfect at a festival, a fancy-dress party as a fairy or even at the club, as I can see it looking beautiful under a black light. Sunray is a yellow toned gold that you can build up to be more than a topper, this has silver glitter running throughout. It’s probably one of the more wearable shades as the glitter isn’t OTT. BareBrilliance is another quite wearable one, especially if you like a little glam. It has a bronzy base and silver glitter particles, though it’s not the conventional circular glitter; it’s almost shredded. If you ever needed to go straight from a lecture to pres this would be a good choice for the lids. RoseGold is quite liquidy compared to the others but is still very pretty. I believe this has less glitter than the other shades however it’s still just as sparkly, although it will take a few layers to get it completely opaque. PassionLight is the last and darkest shade, it is almost a burnt red base with gold glitter. It’s not a shade I would expect myself to reach for, but I almost need a reason as it’s so pretty.

These dry down pretty quickly so don’t leave too much time for blending. In fact, I would almost recommend you refrain from blending too much as the glitter may be removed by the brush. As I said above, there are a few shades you will need to build up, this isn’t too difficult but does take some patience. I’ve also used a couple of these (crystalline and rose gold) on the lips and they did not disappoint; once I got past the slightly gritty texture. These are definitely party appropriate, as for festivals I have wondered about brushing these through the brows but I’m yet to be that brave.

Pixi FairyLights Swatches 
Pixi Party Essentials

Still on the eyes, I introduce you to the Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen eyeliners. I have three of these in ColbaltBlue, VelvetViolet and RoseGlow. There are actually 22 different available shades, which strangely vary in price. For example, VelvetViolet is only £6 while ColbaltBlue and RoseGlow are £12, it seems strange at first glance but I’m sure it works off which are more popular shades. ColbaltBlue and VelvetViolet are two matte eyeliners in quite vibrant finishes, I tend to prefer these statement shades in my lower waterline as I’m not necessarily the most experimental with my eye makeup. I have thought about using these all over my lid as I don’t have eye shadows anywhere near as vibrant. RoseGlow on the other hand, is a definite straight on the lid shade. The pinky bronze shade would also make an absolutely gorgeous statement liner.

The final product in my party worthy Pixi products had to be a highlighter. Alongside the launch of the Fairy Lights they launched two Glow-y Gossamer Duo highlighters. My favourite of the two is the Delicate Dew duo, one side is a beautiful champagne shade, while the other is a deeper, peachier highlight. The other duo is called Subtle Sunrise, it has a pinkier highlight and a more golden shade. These are such intense highlights, I don’t actually own anything like it as I am more a natural glow kind of girl, however I’m learning to love the extreme glow. These duos are £20 which at first glance seems rather expensive, yet when you look into it you are actually getting two shades in decent size pans. To put this into perspective, full size Becca highlights retail for £30 containing 8g, these from Pixi have 8.3g for £10 less.

Pixi Party Essentials Glow-y Gossamer Duo and Endless Sky Liners

These three from Pixi are perfect for any type of occasion where you want to be extra. I haven’t yet worn all three together as I’m not that brave, but I reckon you could. If you were wondering which products you need to add to your collection first, I would recommend: Liquid Fairy Lights in Crystalline and BareBrilliance and ColbaltBlue Endless Silky Eye Pen – they’re definitely a good place to start and will be making the trip back to uni with me.

You can buy my Pixi Party Essentials on the Pixi website.

This post contains PR samples that have been sent to me for consideration. See my full disclaimer here…





  • Siobhán

    I love the highlighters – so smooth! The eye glitters are gorgeous! xx

    • Beth

      The eye glitters I really need to use more, they’re beautiful x

  • Morgie

    I have been DYING to try this brand!! Your review has made me want to try them even more ❤️xx

    • Beth

      You NEED to try Pixi asap! I’m so glad my post has made you want to try their products xx

  • sarahtrademark

    I love pixi make up xx

    • Beth

      It’s so good, isn’t it!?xx

  • Antonia

    I really need to try out Pixi product already. I’ve heard so many bloggers talking about this brand. All of these products look amazing. The shades are so beautiful. x

    Antonia || Sweet Passions

    • Beth

      You definitely do! Their makeup is incredible xx

  • aysemervedemirblog

    I love your swatches and these photos are amazing! Great post!

    Ayse x

    • Beth

      Thank you so much!xx

  • gemmaslittleworld

    OMG £15 for the glitter eye shadows! no way! im gonna get one!

    • Beth

      DO IT! They’re incredible xx

  • Ashley Lennon

    I really need to try some things from Pixi, I’ve heard such good things! Great post! 🙂

    • Beth

      Pixi are such an underrated brand!xx

  • CarlyTamara

    I love the look of those glitter shadows. They’re a really good dupe for the Stila ones. I’ve never tried any Pixi products but I really think I want to try those. The swatches are really good.

    Carly xx //

    • Beth

      I’ve not tried the Stila ones but they look gorgeous!xx

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