My 30 Day RapidLash Challenge

The lovely people over at RapidLash got in touch a couple of months ago, asking if I wanted to be part of their Pantone Colour of the Year inspired collab. The colour of the year is ultra violet which is the same as the RapidLash branding, so they sent over a box of goodies which included both RapidLash and RapidBrow. I decided that I would pass the RapidBrow to my mum as her brows are rather sparse, while I would take the RapidLash challenge – 30 days to longer lashes.

Rapid Lash Challenge

I’d heard of RapidLash before, mainly as the slightly cheaper version of Revitalash and when I say slightly cheaper I mean half the price kind of cheaper. RapidLash claims to give you ‘luscious lashes in just 4 weeks’ which is a pretty bold claim if ever I’ve seen one. It’s definitely a claim that needed testing so on the 1st of July I began the RapidLash challenge.

Rapid Lash Challenge

I’ll admit I actually forgot to take a photo of my lashes ‘before’ I started the treatment. Luckily I am a beauty blogger who can’t pose, and so I had a downwards ‘looking lovingly at my facemask’ photo which shows the condition of my lashes well. (If you want to read the post about the Matcha Tea facemask from TheBodyShop you can find it here!) I wouldn’t say my lashes were ‘bad’ beforehand, they certainly weren’t the best though; only certain mascaras are good enough to hold a curl and lengthen my lashes, and such mascaras still take a lot of building up to achieve my desired effect.

The challenge requires you to apply the serum over your lashes before bed every single night. I probably managed around 27/28 days out of the 30, in my defence I work until 2am some nights and rolling into bed and falling straight asleep is always possible. On the other days, where I did manage to apply it, I found the applicator a little fiddly; I almost wish it was similar to a mascara wand, but I understand the idea is to get right to the root. The serum is clear so you don’t need to be too precise, which is good considering this is a last step in your night time routine.

How did my lashes look after? I’ll admit that throughout the month I noticed my lashes appeared thicker and more voluminous, however I feel it may have been slightly to do with the fact that I was looking at my lashes more than often. Though I’m going to give RapidLash the benefit of the doubt as my lashes have been looking amazing with the TooFaced Better than Sex mascara. I reckon that it is a mix of those two helping my lashes out.

RapidLash Challenge After

After my RapidLash challenge I think that it is probably worth the money if you have few lashes and need to boost their volume a little, without getting eyelash extensions that is. I think I have about another month’s worth of serum left which I will continue to use. Personally, I think how your lashes look is all down to the mascara you use – but I can see how a serum would help.

For £40, it’s by no means a cheap buy, in fact I would say it is more of an investment, similar to skincare. If the base is good then the application of mascara over the top will be too. I know lots of people have both sparse brows and lashes, RapidLash say you can use this as a 2in1 and target both, though it would run out a lot quicker.

While I probably wouldn’t repurchase this, I am happy to have tried it and found out that my lashes are quite good, light but quite good. , For those who struggle with their lashes I would recommend this; while it didn’t provide outstanding results, I can see the benefits for someone who isn’t gifted in the lash area.

You can find the RapidLash Eyelash Enhancing Serum on the Boots website for £41.

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