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My October No Buy

Most of the time I am very restrained whilst online shopping, I add things to wish lists rather than checking out the contents of my basket. I try to stick to the age old rule my gran told me: if you see something you like, don’t buy it straight away. If you then can’t get it off your mind, you should get it because clearly you love it and life is too short! While this rule is a good one to stick too, my gran also taught me how to get a bargain, and this is pretty much why I am on an October no buy. 

My october no buy

I’m a bargain hunter, I always have been; whether it’s a discount code, multi pack or even haggling, I will always try to come away with some sort of deal. It’s a great skill to have around Christmas and Birthday’s, but when I’m feeling in a treat yourself mood it helps me justify my purchases. For example, Spectrum Collections had 25% off the Disney range, and you can use your student discount on top, this made the brushes I had been coveting cheaper than they’ll probably be until Black Friday, (I did the same justification with the 30 Piece Collection!) I treated myself because I’m having a hard time at the moment, and I worked loads last month, but now I’m on a ‘no buy’ because I’m a student and I need to budget well to make sure I’m not living off baked beans in a few months!

My October no buy was inspired by the ladies off BeautyNews, Kat and Hailey on their separate channels often do low buys, no buys and anywhere in between, they are also very good at project panning, which I intend to start next year – but more on that then. The idea of a no buy is that you only buy absolute necessities that month, so food, drink etc, no unnecessary makeup, skincare or anything else that catches my eye. A low buy is where you set yourself an amount you can spend or a number of products you can purchase. I chose to do the former as I don’t need any encouragement to buy myself new things, and the more money saved the better.

The no buy itself sounds rather simple, but how to survive a no buy is a whole other story. There’s so much temptation with all the Christmas collections coming out, so what I’m planning to do is make a note of all the releases I think I’d like and then whittle it down to the ones I REALLY want and put those on my Christmas wish list. I’m also going to shop my stash properly, rotating products I haven’t used in ages rather than sticking to the same ones.

Unlike previous year’s I think I will be able to sustain this no buy. I’m more conscious about what I purchase and how many products I already own. If you have any tips on how to survive my October no buy, they will be much appreciated! I don’t think I’ll follow this post up, simply because I can see it being a rather short post, but if it works really well, I might well consider it.

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  • Sarah

    I’m trying not to buy anything due to Christmas too xx

    • Beth

      It’s so difficult though, as all the Christmas exclusives are coming out!xx

  • gemmaslittleworld

    I cant wait till black friday! roll on the sales

    • Beth

      Exactly! I will be ready!xx

  • morgiereacts

    I’m gonna try this!

    • Beth

      Do it! Tell me how you get on!xx

  • Ashley

    Good luck, I’ve never been able to stick to a buying ban!

    • Beth

      I haven’t in the past but I’m more determined than ever now xx

  • aysemervedemirblog

    This is such a great post and i always manage to talk myself out of buying stuff that I want as I know thier not a need!

    Ayse x

    • Beth

      Thank you! Anytime I want to buy something now I have the ‘can I justify it properly’ conversation with myself!xx

  • CarlyTamara

    I love your gran’s rule and it’s so true isn’t it!? I think I’d really struggle with not buying anything as I’m constantly shopping whether it’s online, window or thinking of what I could do with buying. I really salute you for giving it a try!

    Carly xx //

    • Beth

      I now live by her rule! I always window shop but I’m getting better at not purchasing!xx

  • terriheckley

    I think I need to start doing this!

    • Beth

      It’s so hard!xx

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