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BobbiBrown x ASOS Box

I had actually never tried anything from BobbiBrown before this exclusive arrived on ASOS. Now I’m not an avid ASOS shopper so had to rely on the wonderful people I follow on Instagram to let me know about it. Luckily enough, I got there in time to snap up; I’m pretty sure it sold out soon after that. Even better was that I found my ASOS account had £15 worth of reward vouchers available so the BobbiBrown x ASOS box was technically free!

BobbiBrown x ASOS Box

ASOS Face and Body offer up exclusive boxes for £15 from time to time, I was tempted by the Clinique one but couldn’t really justify it as I have tried a lot of what they have to offer. Whereas when it came to the Bobbi Brown one it was easy: I’d never tried BobbiBrown before and I had ASOS rewards to spend. These boxes are actually incredible value, this one is worth over £70 (I think my maths is correct…) It even has one full size product which I will get to shortly. These boxes might seem counterproductive for the brands, practically giving away their products, but if you think about it being able to try products before buying is a real selling point for most people. I highly recommend you get your hands on the next box ASOS do, because you might find a new brand to love.

Starting with the skincare, there’s a really generous sample of the Vitamin Enriched Face Base, a product I’ve heard loads about recently. It’s a primer/moisturiser hybrid that looks and feels a lot like butter and has a really pleasant scent. It smooths the skin before makeup and creates a nice base to work with. The Extra Illuminating Moisture Balm is recommended to follow the face base, it’s in the shade Bare Glow. Apparently, it gives you a glow and a boost of hydration all at once. Bare Glow doesn’t offer up too much of a glow it’s quite natural, I’m also not too keen on the smell but I’ll persevere. 

The Extra Repair Moisture Cream is just what my skin needed this winter time. A quickly absorbing thick-ish cream that nourishes the skin, they recommend using a ‘generous amount’ before bed to get the full effect. A sample of the Smokey Eye Mascara was predictable but always nice (I have so many mini mascaras from various boxes.) The wand is a fairly standard shape but gives nice definition to the lashes – I think I’m going to have to pan my mascara minis because it really is getting out of hand. 

BobbiBrown x ASOS Box

The most exciting product in the box is the Long Wear Cream Shadow in Beach Bronze. It is full size and worth £22 on it’s own! I’m currently trying to get my hands on cream products at the moment as they’re so easy for on the go makeup, and when you’re running late. It feels like velvet to the touch and you can either pack it on for a really intense bronze look (which is my plan for the upcoming summer) or you can blend it out for a more neutral look. The lipstick is a really decent sized sample of the Crushed Lip Colour in Babe. It’s a muted hot pink, which is surprisingly wearable, it feels really comfortable on the lips too. 

This box was such a good investment for me, I’ve finally been able to try a brand I’ve barely even thought of before. Obviously, the lipstick and cream shadow are my favourites as I’m a sucker for makeup. The shadow is going straight into my everyday makeup as I’m quite lazy at the moment. I hope they release a similar box soon with another brand because I’m fairly certain I’ll need that one too! I would usually link the product below but sadly, it out of stock and won’t be returning.

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BobbiBrown x ASOS Box




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