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Christmas Nails with OPI

Welcome to Christmas onto the blog, it’s been a long time coming, eleven months in fact. I was hoping to be a bit better in my planning this year (including a DIY beauty advent calendar,) however university, stress and low motivation got in the way. Instead of taking a break until the new year, which was my plan at one point, I’ve decided to plough on through. There will hopefully be two posts a week – Monday and Friday – up until Christmas Day, so theoretically you’ll be getting seven posts, maybe a couple more, which is definitely an improvement on November’s four!

Christmas Nails with OPI

Recently I have started painting my nails, more than just the every now and then when a special occasion arises anyway. After a particularly stressful assignment (a psychology module for a linguistics student kind of stressful,) I decided I should treat myself. I often browse QVC for their exclusive sets, but had never actually bought anything from them until this set. The OPI Christmas 10 Pack is the perfect way to sort out Christmas nails in the coming weeks. And if you know a pair of nail polish lovers you’ll be pleased to know this set comes as one, but the polishes are in two different boxes so you can split the set and give each as a gift!

Christmas Nails with OPI

The first pack of five is for those who love the warmer toned polishes, the reds that make Christmas and white to match the (unlikely) snow. Alpine Snow is a snow white shade, it takes a couple of layers to build up an opaque covering but it’s a good base colour. Bubble Bath is quite a sheer pink, it would take a number of layers to become completely opaque but will be my go to for the classic french manicure. If you love a good red nail polish Big Apple Red should be a first choice, it’s bold but pretty too. Definitely one for Christmas if you were planning on a red lip and nail combo. Cajun Shrimp is sort of the odd one out in the set, it’s a brighter coral red and more of a summer shade for me. Finally is my favourite in this set: Malaga Wine, an autumnal berry red. A couple of coats and it’s ready to go and looking incredible – one I will pick up in full size I imagine.

Christmas Nails with OPI

The second set offers up some cooler tones, still perfect for winter just a little less traditional. Tagus in that Selfie has a strange name and a bright pink shade, not exactly in my comfort zone as it’s more barbie than french manicure but I’m sure I’ll find a time to wear it. Don’t Bossa Me Around is a grey toned nude, almost with a lilac hint even, a good shade to wear when you’re not sure what outfits you’ll be wearing. Tickle My France-y is the most nude shade in the set, it’s understated, applies well and completes a look well. A curveball of sorts is Eurso Euro, a beautiful deep blue, I didn’t think I’d ever wear a blue nail polish that wasn’t a pastel but here we are: in love with it. The final shade is Lincoln Park After Dark, it says it’s a ‘midnight purple’, in reality it’s a black that looks like a very deep berry in certain lights, still one I’ll happily wear though I won’t need the full size.

Mini polishes are the best way for me to find colours I like, I’ve tried OPI minis before. As I go through phases of painting my nails buying the shade I want that second, and might only wear once, isn’t easy to justify. These mini bottles I’ve found can manage around 3 full sets of nails, the darker shades often one or two more. Each polish works out to be just over £3, I know that’s the same as a drugstore nail polish and perhaps you should go for one full size, however I personally love the formula of OPI polishes; other brands seem to take forever to dry and I don’t have the patience. If you need a cute gift idea this is a good choice for beauty lovers, or even yourself…

You can buy the OPI 10 Piece Christmas Mini Pack from the QVC website for £28.50.

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