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I am pretty low maintenance on Christmas Day, I’ll surface around 9 ish, still in pyjamas, after desperately trying to get back to sleep when woken at some ungodly hour by my brothers, grab a mug of tea and enjoy the festivities. Pretty simple plan really, I’m even likely to forget to do my morning skincare routine, but that can be sorted easily. I thought Christmas Eve would be a good time to share my three beauty related ‘finishing touches’ if you were, to getting ready and unready.

Christmas Finishing Touches Kiss Nails

Firstly, are these Impress by Kiss nails, I was hoping to have a few more styles to show you as I was offered some in PR to feature, however those didn’t arrive in time. Luckily, I am already a fan and had this gorgeous set at hand to show you. These are perfect for those of us who just don’t have time to paint our nails (or who just can’t be bothered. I also happen to have a bandaged thumb so can’t really paint them!) You line them up on the nail, press them on and you’re good to go, and they last an impressively long time too!

Christmas Finishing Touches RapidShield

I’ve worked with RapidLash before, and for Christmas they sent out a bundle of products to get you party ready, in this case it’s Christmas ready. The product that caught my eye was RapidShield, an eyelash enhancer and conditioner. I don’t want to put on mascara on Christmas Day as it’s a pain to take off and I’ll inevitably be tired and rubbing my eyes – never a good combination! Instead this gives my lashes a little definition and lift, as well as keeping them in good condition.

Christmas Finishing Touches Dermalogica Blackhead Fizz Mask

This last product is perfect for taking preventative measures. I know how my skin reacts when I expose it to the wonders of tasty, sugary, salty Christmas food and so I’m enlisting the Dermalogica Clear Start Blackhead Clearing Fizz Mask in the evening. It only takes five minutes to fizz, and I can even use it when I’m half asleep eating the last chocolate out of the tin. I use this once a week at the moment, but I might be using it more over the next few days!

It’s a fairly simple post today I admit, but as it’s nearing the big day the last thing we need is more stress! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas Day, however you are celebrating.


    • Beth
      December 31, 2018 / 2:05 am

      I love how easy they are to use too x

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