Project Panning for the First Time

I love beauty products. This is obviously not a new, nor groundbreaking statement; I used to blog exclusively about makeup and skincare and you’ll often find me coveting the latest release. I doubt this love for beauty will ever fade, however as I have grown older I’ve started to become more conscious of myself as a consumer. The continuous launches of new products and the pressure to stay afloat in the ever expanding blogosphere, by creating relevant to the second content, make me eager to purchase things that won’t ever be used up – and this is no longer okay with me.

Project Pan for Beginners

This isn’t to say that everyone doing this should stop, just that I am changing my ways. One of my New Year’s resolutions this year is to wear makeup more often. I used to love playing around with it, but for the last year or so have neglected my collection. I have not had the energy, motivation or care when it comes to consistent makeup – in fact makeup at all. This wanting to use makeup more isn’t down to me disliking my appearance either; I know I don’t need makeup, I just want to get back to the time where I experimented, used colour and had fun, also using it before it expires.

I’ve decided that to get me motivated for this, I need to try project panning. If you’ve never heard of ‘project pan’ I will explain it briefly, if you want to know more there’s a whole host of YouTube channels dedicated to panning, and who are unsurprisingly more informed than I am. Anyway, the idea behind project pan is that you choose a certain amount of products you wish to ‘hit pan on’ in a certain amount of time. It’s a challenge of sorts and if there’s a challenge I’m usually able to rise to it.

Before I start my project pan I’ve made sure to go through my makeup collection (ruthlessly for me) and cut it down to as minimal an amount as I can manage. I’ve given usable products to friends and anything that’s old has gone straight in the bin. This still leaves me with a rather sizeable collection, but now I’m left with things I will actually use. I decided to start small with my panning, with only five products and nothing as difficult as powder products. I may add more at the check ins I plan on writing around the three month mark, I may also decide it’s not for me, but I guess we’ll find out. The products I have chosen are:

Nars Sheer Glow in Siberia – I’ve had this probably (definitely) longer than I should have, and it’s not quite the right shade or undertone for me. It’s a nice enough foundation and I’ve often mixed it with a moisturiser to make it work better for me, I just have others I prefer now. I estimate I have around 1/2 left, maybe just under, which should certainly run out in three months.

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer – Another I’ve had for a rather long time, and one I have quite a few replacements waiting for. It’s not the lightest shade, which I probably need, but it is a great budget concealer. I have no idea how much this has left, the packaging is quite deceptive; I’m either scraping the sides or there’s half left, there really is no in between.

ModelCo More Brows – I’ve never actually purchased one of these and yet have managed to acquire two over the years through different beauty boxes. My Gimmie Brow ran out and with one of these still in my collection I couldn’t justify going to get another without using it up first – see a changed Beth! It’s a good colour for me, but it’s just not Gimmie Brow. 

Project Pan for Beginners

MAC Hue – I bought myself a back up of this TWO YEARS AGO, when this was my holy grail lipstick and it’s still not finished so the new one remains untouched! As you can tell it stopped being my go to a while ago, but as there’s hardly any left it seems an obvious addition to my project pan.

Better Than Sex Mascara – Now yes, this is only a mini, so it shouldn’t be a challenge at all. I just had to include a mascara mini though as I have so many on the go at the moment, I’m not joking, I have about six. I do like this a lot, which is surprising as I am usually quite loyal to Benefit mascaras, I just need to use them all up before I even think about a full size mascara.

My project pan will begin on New Year’s Day, though I am unlikely to wear makeup until I am back at university on the 7th. It also marks the beginning of a spending ban; I will not be buying any makeup or skincare unless I have completely run out. This means that while I may use up my favourite lip balm, I have about 7 others which will do a similar job. (Except Vaseline, I hate Vaseline on my lips.) So not only am I trying to use up my products, I’m also not buying any others, no matter how hard I try to justify them. I am lucky in some respects though, I do from time to time get sent products which does stop my unnecessary longing, but this doesn’t mean I will start contacting brands left, right and centre to make sure I have a new influx of products to try.

The plan overall is to use up products, save money and create beauty blog posts from what I have already. It’s going to be an interesting first few months project panning, hopefully I will check back with you at the start of April and continue my new mindset into the foreseeable future. I’d love you to join me, whether by starting your own project pan, or voting ‘no’ on any IG polls where I ask if I need a certain product…

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