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Stars of Clinique Set

There’s something rather exciting about a set of travel sized products for me. I think it’s because I enjoy trying new things and travel sizes allow me to do so without having to spend as much. I got a Clinique voucher for Christmas from my mum, the person who introduced me to the brand in the first place, and I used it to help me buy this particular giftset; Stars of Clinique. Originally, I was going to stock up on one of my holy grails like the Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm or another Moisture Surge; but I decided against it. As per my Project Pan post, which went up about a month ago, I’m still trying to be more mindful of my product consumption, I have so many makeup removers and moisturisers – another one really isn’t necessary. Instead I’m putting money towards (except not right now as I’m on a beauty related spending ban,) trying new things, switching it up, instead of sticking to my tried and tested all the time.

Stars of Clinique gift set

The Stars of Clinique caught my eye as it had eight products in total, seven deluxe travel sizes and five of which I hadn’t tried before, or at least hadn’t used for years. This meant that I would be able to explore the brand more. The set itself retailed for £30 (it came to only £10 with my gift voucher,) and has a combined value of £63, so it’s very good value for money.

Two products I have used before are the Moisture Surge 72 Hour Hydrator and the Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm. Moisture Surge really does what it says on the tin (tube). This is my absolute holy grail moisturiser, no other has yet come close to matching how healthy and glowing my skin looks when I use this. I love having minis of these, as it means I can pop them in my bag if I travel or stay overnight at a friends, so my skin can stay hydrated no matter where I am. The cleansing balm is also a holy grail. This removes every scrap of makeup on your face, other balms are good but this is the best. It’s non scented, like the majority of Clinique products are, so those with sensitive skin can enjoy it too.

The set has two minis from the City Block range. It’s not a range I have much experience with although I love the idea that the range will cleanse the skin of dirt, pollution and day to day contaminants. We all know how good charcoal is at drawing out impurities which is why the Purifying Charcoal Cleansing Gel sounds great. While the black gel does look a little intimidating, it is a gentle cleanse which doesn’t dry out the skin too much. The Charcoal Clay Mask and Scrub works on a similar principle or drawing out impurities, this time with a blue mask. If you’re someone who worries about over exfoliating, this product is for you, it has a really gently scrubbing element and won’t leave your skin red, nor damage it.

Two others I’ve tried before, but not for a long time, are the Take the Day Off Makeup Remover and All About Eyes Eye Cream. Take the Day Off was a cult classic when I began blogging, it still is a really good makeup remover, I just tend to prefer a cleansing balm or oil now. I will keep hold of it though in case I need to get off any Benefit mascaras, as they are very stubborn to remove. The All About Eyes eye cream I got in a bonus time years ago when I didn’t really need an eye cream and hadn’t even considered skincare use in a preventative way. Now I’ve had the chance to try it again I’ve found it is a perfect eye cram for the day time as it leaves the perfect base for under eye makeup.

There last two are two makeup products, something I really haven’t tried a lot of from Clinique. Of course they included a High Impact Mascara mini, it seems to feature in every bonus time, it’s a nice enough mascara but nothing to write home about. I much prefer the Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye mascara which I am currently using. Finally there is a full size item, the Pretty Easy Liquid Eyelining Pen. I haven’t been wearing eyeliner very often recently, when I first began using makeup I wouldn’t leave home without it but now it seems like a faff! I’m very out of practise so a fine felt tip liner like this is perfect. It is super black, dries quickly and doesn’t feel like it will run out too quickly – it’s certainly made the transition back to wearing occasional liner easier than it could have been.

Overall, this set is one of the best I have purchased over the last few years. It really has been carefully curated with show stopping products to really sell the brand to you further. I think the Stars of Clinique is the perfect giftset to give to someone wanting to change up their skincare regime, but aren’t sure which products to try first. The liner and mascara are almost like added bonuses which allow you to try their makeup, even if you buy this set predominantly for the skincare.

You can buy the Stars of Clinique giftset  from Clinique website for £30.




  • Gemma 💎 (@GemmaEtc)

    I love Clinique so much! The Moisture Surge range is my absolute favourite xx

    Gemma Etc. ❤️

    • Beth

      Moisture Surge is my skins saviour in winter x

  • TheSkincareSaviour

    Take the day day off balm is honestly one of my favourite cleansers! its so simple yet so effective!

    • Beth

      It’s so easy to use and gets everything off x

  • I have to admit that the clinique take the day off is one of my favourite cleansers its so simple and so effective

    • Beth

      The best balm cleanser I’ve tried x

  • Emma Lisa

    This set sounds so good! I haven’t tried many of the products in this set so I might get it so I can try them x

    • Beth

      It’s such a good sampling set x

  • Morgie

    This looks amazing!

    • Beth

      It’s such a good set x

  • Sarah

    Not tried many of their products but love the moisture surge xx

    • Beth

      That’s my absolute favourite product x

  • aysemervedemirblog

    I love travel sized products too as they are more friendly on the budget and you don’t have to spend loads on products you won’t enjoy! I’m intrigued to try these!

    Ayse x

    • Beth

      Travel sized products really are the best!x

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