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Spectrum 8 Piece set review

I won’t try and convince you that I actually needed anymore brushes, (I totally did and not just because I’m too lazy to wash some of my others), but I may have purchased some more… The majority of my brush collection is now Spectrum brushes, with a few RealTechniques thrown in here and there; I think the change in brand reflects my growing up in terms of my beauty collection. After the last clearout the majority of beauty products that stayed were high end; I’ve certainly started to go for quality over quantity – young me used to love having a stupidly large collection of cheap makeup. Ever since I purchased the Spectrum Millennial Pink 30 piece set, I have been a convert to their brushes, the only issue was that the 15 eye brushes included in that set just weren’t enough! This led to me being swayed by the Spectrum 8 Piece set, which now takes my Spectrum eye brush total to 24…

My Gran has a rule where she never buys things full price and this mantra is one I also live by. At the time I got this set there was a 50% off sale, (hence why there is a Spectrum giveaway going live on my Instagram today!), the Spectrum 8 piece set was down from £34.99 to £17.50 and I had a £10 off voucher from loyalty points and referrals. Basically, the set was a bargain as the brushes came to under £2 each, which is crazy for the quality and similar to the price of brushes you can find in Primark – so really, it was a no brainer. Plus I totally deserved a treat after a long term at uni.

I will be honest, the cheaper Millennial Pink set of eight was available, but I decided not to get it. I know the colour shouldn’t factor into the decision, but hey, I’m a blogger and anything I can justify as a blog prop is great. Obviously, the marble collection is gorgeous and ever so blogger, so it had to be mine. Also, it’s interesting to note that when I’m thinking about purchasing things these days I factor in the experience, and for these, they’re just prettier and will make me happy – life is too short to not go for the things you want/make you happy.

Anyway, appearance aside I thought I would fill you in on how the brushes perform. Spectrum brushes have three categories: A,B or C. A is for application, B is for blending and C is for contouring. Of course you can use them however you want to, these are just how Spectrum have found them to be most useful. I don’t tend to use the brushes as recommended as I have my own preferences.

The A07 is a colour applicator brush. It has quite a flat appearance although it is still quite fluffy which allows you to pack on colour with the flat side and then blend it out with the top. I’ve found this best for blending out cream shadows onto the eye and in the crease.

The A08 is a medium fluffy shader. This is a flat medium size fluffy brush that tapers at the top, it has flexible bristles which mean you can blend in and out of the crease easily.

The A12 is a fluffy pencil brush. It’s really small and isn’t too stiff to blend with. I use it most for applying my inner corner highlight and if needed to darken the outer crease area as it is so precise.

The A13 is a short smudge brush. The bristles are super short so it isn’t too flexible, but that’s really useful for creating a messy liner look. Spectrum also recommend using them for cream eyeshadow, though I prefer not to use a brush as I find you get more colour intensity with your finger.

The A16 is a precision crease brush. This is super flat and quite stiff. While I’m not one to often wear a cut crease, this would be the perfect brush to apply your concealer with to cut the crease.

The B04 is an angled blending brush. I’m not the biggest fan of angled shadow brushes, I much prefer a more standard rounded brush to blend things out. With that being said I do like this for adding shadow under my bottom lash line as it can get very close.

The B06 is a tall tapered blending brush. It’s their most popular, but not my favourite. It does the job nicely as you would expect and isn’t too big for my eyes – I don’t end up with bright shadows up to my eyebrows!

The C06 is a tulip eye contour and my favourite blending brush they do. It’s the perfect size for my eyes and speeds up my blending – I’m not one of those people who can make every shadow look good but this brush helps.

I think the Spectrum 8 Piece set was exactly what my brush collection needed. I alway have the brushes I need, even when quite a few are sat in the ‘to be washed’ pile and they’re the Spectrum quality I know and love. If you know someone in need of brushes, these ones (in any colour option) would make an amazing gift!

Beth x

You can buy the Spectrum 8 Piece eye set from the Spectrum Collections website for £34.99. If you use this link you get 15% off and I will get 300 points to use towards a future purchase – this is a referral code, NOT an affiliate code. I make no money from this purchase.


  1. August 19, 2019 / 2:42 pm

    I absolutely love spectrum brushes. I’m such an eyeshadow noob but I’ve just picked up their eye set and can’t wait to have a play
    Bethan Elizabeth x

    • Beth
      September 5, 2019 / 3:40 pm

      I’m sure you’ll love them!x

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