Trying to Tan (Again) with BaliBody

BaliBody got in contact with me during September to ask if I would like to try a couple of tanning products, as we were heading into party season I thought why not!? I am as pale as they come and tanning isn’t one of my musts when it comes to beauty, but every now and then I do dip my toe in the tanning pond.

I browsed through their website and they appear to do all your traditional tanning products, mousses, oils, waters and lotions; I opted for the Gradual Tanning Lotion and Face Tan Water. I didn’t want to go right from pale to tanned, so a gradual tanner seemed my best bet. First impressions of the brand were good. BaliBody are an Australian brand, with all products being vegan and made in Melbourne. The packaging is nice and clean, white, clear and an pastel orange lid.

The products themselves have pleasant smells, the gradual tan is fresh scented while the tanning water is rose scented. You get a decent amount of product in each; 200ml in the lotion which retails for £21.95, and 100ml of the tanning water which is £25.95. I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily the most affordable brand, but it’s also not the most expensive by any stretch.

So, it smelt good, seemed like it would be easy to use, but how did it actually go? I did all the usual prep, mass exfoliation, moisturising, because no one wants their tan to be patchy, and away I went.

The instructions said to apply the gradual tan to clean, dry skin, applying in long sweeping motions and only get dressed when it’s touch dry. That’s exactly what I did, I estimated how much I would need and proceeded to apply it to my legs, arms, neck and shoulders exactly how I was directed and stood while it dried.

For the tanning water I applied it to a cotton pad and wiped it gently over my face making sure to cover everywhere. Both were applied in the evening so they could develop nicely overnight.

The first thing I noticed in the morning, was the strong biscuity smell – we’re talking the strongest tan smell I’ve ever noticed which was quite different from the original scent! The next thing I noticed was my appearance in the mirror…

I was quite ‘tanned’. Gradual tans for me are what tanning mousses are to everyone else: a lot of additional colour. It was somewhat of a shock to say the least… and then I saw my knees and elbows.

Even though I had scrubbed and scrubbed to get rid of dry skin and then moisturised multiple times, focusing especially on dry areas, it hadn’t seemed to have worked – my elbows especially were rather orange. As were any areas of dry skin on my face, not ideal for someone going on a night out that evening.

The realisation that I wasn’t quite ‘golden bronze’ as expected hit and I hopped back in the shower twice and began scrubbing. It was time consuming but it did help, my face didn’t need so much attention luckily.

I fixed any dark areas with the hit of exfoliation and a couple of layers of Pixi Glow Tonic on especially bad areas – see my hands. But I can’t deny the gradual tan was a tad patchy, streaky and quite dark on me. I’m going to put most of that down to user error and misguided expectations.

The saving grace of this fake tan fail is that after the initial ‘woah there are some really dark bits’, the tan faded in a couple of days to the sunkissed glow I was looking for. I think the tanning water is excellent, if I was more prepared for the outcome of the gradual tan I would have been less surprised at the end result. (And I’ve now learnt you need to scrub your hands after gradual tan application, washing isn’t enough.)

I’ve decided to pass these onto a friend who likes a dark tan and will get more use out of them than I will. I’m grateful to have been able to try these as I do think I can see myself using tanning waters in the future, though for now I’m going to embrace my ‘English Rose’ skin tone.

Beth x

You can buy the BaliBody Gradual Tan and Face Tan Water  from the BaliBody website from £21.95.

This post contains PR samples that have been sent to me for consideration. See my full disclaimer here…

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