Dermalogica Skiing Must Haves

This post contains PR samples that have been sent to me for consideration. See my full disclaimer here…

I knew a week in the Alps would cause havoc for my skin; high altitude, constant heating, wind burn, the sun etc, everything was out to get my largely well behaved skin. In the weeks leading up to my trip I’d made a point of using hydrating treatments so my skin had a chance of surviving, but even then I knew I’d need a stellar set up of products to keep it that way. Luckily, the wonderful people at Dermalogica had sent a winter skin care package a few weeks before I left, and I already had the Prismas Protect SPF so I was able to put together a trio of Dermalogica skiing must haves.

Dermalogica Skiing Must Haves

The first and most obvious choice was the Prisma Protect SPF 30. I definitely did not want to come back for Christmas with the classic goggle tan, and this was a sure fire way to stop that happening. My daily routine consisted of a thick covering of this, a mix of moisturiser and IT Cosmetics SPF 50 CC cream and some powder to halt the shine. Add brows and mascara and I was good to go. (You can see the final product here.) No goggle tan in sight – thank goodness or I would have never heard the end of it!

The next was the Barrier Defence Booster, I thought I’d lost it on the coach ride home, luckily my friend had it and I can’t wait to be reunited. It smells absolutely gorgeous and saved my skin from total dehydration. A few drops on my palms and then massaged it into my skin and the next morning I woke up with plump, hydrated skin, a perfect result if you ask me. It’s rather spenny, we’re talking £67, but it actually works when other moisturisers just aren’t quite cutting it.

Finally is a product I was always going to enjoy: the Nightly Lip Treatment. As someone with routinely dry lips, I always carry a lip balm and I’m forever reapplying layer after layer. I’d almost run out of my Nuxe Reve de Miel lip balm, and didn’t fancy taking the glass pot to France with me, when this arrived. It has similar packaging to some eye creams, a metal applicator disperses the conditioner which is very soothing on the lips. Although it says it’s a overnight treatment, I used it whenever my lips needs a moisture boost and then a thicker layer before I went to bed. It really saved my lips.

Alongside these three of course were other products such as, the Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant, Bobbi Brown Enriched Face Base and Clinique All About Eyes cream, but the three mentioned really were the standouts. These Dermalogica skiing must haves will be with me if I manage to get to the mountains again, without them I would be coming back with very dehydrated and problematic skin. Also fun fact, I lost Prisma Protect off the balcony during the taking of this photo, luckily it landed in the snow and was easy to recover.

Beth x

You can buy my Dermalogica Skiing Must Haves from the Dermalogica website from £47.50.

This post contains PR samples that have been sent to me for consideration. See my full disclaimer here…

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