# Team Project Pan 2020

I have too many beauty products. I only have one face to use them on and I will likely never use all of them up; even if I continue to clear out and give to friends every few months. It’s completely unsustainable and I need to sort my shit out. I’m enticed by everything and anything, I might not buy every release that catches my eye, but I would if I could – and that needs to change. I got caught up on Kat and Hailey’s (BeautyNews) project pans over the last year and decided I would commit to #TeamProjectPan2020 this year.

I have no topical image for this, so please enjoy a picture of my new puppy Gabbie.

My rules are pretty simple: I can only purchase new products if I run out completely, no backups, nada. If my favourite cleanser runs out I have to use all the others I own, no ‘treating myself’ because I’ve finished an assignment or two recently. I’m not committing to a rolling project pan as I don’t wear makeup enough/while I have a lot of makeup we’re not talking 100 palettes to get through.

Shopping my stash will be a big feature, every fortnight or so I will pull out some unloved products and make sure they’re easily accessible so I don’t continue to forget about them. When I have a decent amount of empties I will likely put a post up, if anything it will just be an easy way to keep track of my #TeamProjectPan2020 progress and maybe it will be of interest to you too.

I’ll be honest, before 2020 began I did make a few purchases in the Boxing Day sales: an Urban Decay All Nighter duo, Anastasia Beverly Hills vault with Modern Renaissance and Soft Glam and the Benefit Brow Superstars set… yeah quite a lot when you list it all out, but for a fraction of the normal cost (around 50% of the RRP), and all bought with Christmas money. No more crazy spending sprees for me in 2020, but with the collection I have there really is no need. If you do see new products pop up throughout the year, it may be as I am lucky enough to receive some PR every now and again, but other than that it’ll just be things I already own – as it should be really.

Beth x

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