# Team Project Pan 2020

I have too many beauty products. I only have one face to use them on and I will likely never use all of them up; even if I continue to clear out and give to friends every few months. It’s completely unsustainable and I need to sort my shit out. I’m enticed by everything and anything, I might not buy every release that catches my eye, but I would if I could – and that needs to change. I got caught up on Kat and Hailey’s (BeautyNews) project pans over the last year and decided I would commit to #TeamProjectPan2020 this year.

I have no topical image for this, so please enjoy a picture of my new puppy Gabbie.

My rules are pretty simple: I can only purchase new products if I run out completely, no backups, nada. If my favourite cleanser runs out I have to use all the others I own, no ‘treating myself’ because I’ve finished an assignment or two recently. I’m not committing to a rolling project pan as I don’t wear makeup enough/while I have a lot of makeup we’re not talking 100 palettes to get through.

Shopping my stash will be a big feature, every fortnight or so I will pull out some unloved products and make sure they’re easily accessible so I don’t continue to forget about them. When I have a decent amount of empties I will likely put a post up, if anything it will just be an easy way to keep track of my #TeamProjectPan2020 progress and maybe it will be of interest to you too.

I’ll be honest, before 2020 began I did make a few purchases in the Boxing Day sales: an Urban Decay All Nighter duo, Anastasia Beverly Hills vault with Modern Renaissance and Soft Glam and the Benefit Brow Superstars set… yeah quite a lot when you list it all out, but for a fraction of the normal cost (around 50% of the RRP), and all bought with Christmas money. No more crazy spending sprees for me in 2020, but with the collection I have there really is no need. If you do see new products pop up throughout the year, it may be as I am lucky enough to receive some PR every now and again, but other than that it’ll just be things I already own – as it should be really.

Beth x


  1. January 16, 2020 / 7:54 am

    Yay! I think this is a great way to start 2020! I’m normally like this when it comes to daily products (moisturizer, face wash, etc.). You’ll see bottles squeezed the heck out of and deformed because I’m so adamant about ensuring I get every bit of product before throwing the bottle away. I think this is good practice when it comes to make up too! Good luck on hitting pan 😁

    Des | https://www.itsbetterinheels.com

    • Beth
      February 8, 2020 / 5:48 pm

      I’m exactly the same! I’ve been known to cut open tubes to get all the product out before, I can’t wait to see how I do x

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