Organising Life When You’re a Serial Procrastinator

In theory, I should be super organised and to an extent I am; my calendar always has my deadlines in as soon as I know them and batch cook every time I get a food shop. Both my parents are incredibly organised, I got some of my ability from them, however, I have the wonderful skill of working best under pressure, after a lot of procrastination. So, that begs the question, how do I organise as a procrastinator?

how to organise as a procrastinator

I wasn’t going to write up a post about my plans for the Easter break, my situation is usually a sort of limbo compared to non-students, however due to the current world issues, a lot of people are stuck at home and I thought it might be of use. My university closed its doors a week earlier than planned and will not reopen, poorly timed after four weeks of striking, but it is for the best. I don’t know when I’ll be graduating, but I do know, for now, I still have deadlines. I still have deadlines and a lot of time indoors to fill. These deadlines require some planning into when I should be working, but also when I should take some ‘me time’ so I don’t end up in a pit of despair.

Just as a starting point for my life organisation, I’m giving myself weekends off – designated ‘do nothing’ time. I struggle with separating my down time and my work time, but I need to manage this or I will end up in a very bad headspace. I’m not going to plan my weekends as I’ll just see how I feel on the day, maybe it’s a Netflix day, maybe a blog day, I’ll find out.

As for weekdays, here is where structure is needed. I tend to be a night owl, but this isn’t going to help me or my work, instead as of Monday, I will be up by 9am and working by 10am. This is probably late for most, however I’ve never been an early riser. During breakfast I will write out my to-do list for the day and work out, roughly, how much time I’ll need for each and plan out my day from there. Before I start working, I want to make a point of getting dressed, and always working in my study – confusing work and play really disrupts my sleeping pattern.

To organise as a procrastinator means to work smart – I often lose concentration and sit there twiddling my thumbs, so I will limit myself to 6 hours working, with breaks of 15 minutes for every 45. It won’t work for everyone but it’s a system that works for me, and has done since A Levels. I track my work through the Forest app; I can’t bear to kill a tree so I can’t use my phone, win win.

6 hours work with an hour for lunch takes me to 5pm – seems like a pretty reasonable working day, but what next? I want to stay fit over the coming weeks, luckily I have a Shreddy subscription. Created by insta fitness queen Grace Beverley, you can use Shreddy for at home workouts with limited equipment and they’re very effective; YouTube is also a great resource for free workout videos if you can’t spare the cash. I’m not going to schedule exactly when I workout as some days I won’t feel like it, but usually I’m planning to do this after I finish work.

Obviously, I’ll have dinner at some point, but I’ll still have hours to fill – you don’t think about how much time we have in a day until you’re spending all of it indoors. Contact with family and friends is incredibly important, so I will be FaceTiming everyone – though my brothers will likely only want to tell me how they are doing on Fortnite! My weekdays will then conclude with evening down time, whether I bake, scroll TikTok, do blog stuff or just have an good old fashioned movie night. I want to keep some modicum of a sleeping pattern alive, so in an ideal world I’ll get to bed before midnight.

I am well aware it’s unlikely to go this smoothly, and there will be days I just don’t want to do anything, or I inevitably feel unwell. Having the basic structure of my day with easy fill gaps will hopefully mean I maintain some type of routine. I struggle with my mental health when I don’t have any order to adhere to and we don’t know the time frame of our current predicament.

Doom, gloom and deadlines aside, I do hope this gives me time to work on my blog – expect a ‘3rd year nearly killed me’ post on the cards in summer. I’ve neglected it over the last year and it used to be my escape, something I need more than ever now. Hopefully, if you’re reading this, how I organise as a procrastinator has been useful for you, or at least wasted a few minutes of your time! (If you want to waste more time I recommend finding out about my Project Pan.) Stick around for more content as we enter my rather extended Easter break…

Beth x

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