Project Pan Update #1

How I ever thought I would manage to post my empties every month I will never know. The end of January saw my penultimate undergraduate exam season completed and I was quickly thrust into my final semester, no time to breathe, let alone think about my progress in my project pan. Luckily, I had been putting all my empties in a box on my chest of drawers, ready for when I had a spare moment – unfortunately it has come as I am ill and staying home, but I suppose it’s good for the blog, even if it’s not good for my morale. As it’s taken me two months to get this together, my project pan update #1 is quite impressive I think!

Project Pan Update #1

If you haven’t read my Project Pan intro post, here’s a quick run down: I have too many beauty products. I spend too much money on beauty products. I will probably never use up all said beauty products. I want to live a more sustainable life. So, to tackle my beauty product problem I’ve decided to join #TeamProjectPan2020 where I am not allowed to buy or open any new products unless I’ve used all my others up. I began this in January, and here are my empties so far…

Hair // I used up a surprising amount of hair products for me, though this is partially due to my exploration of pink hair over exam period – see here. I used one bottle of BleachLondon Rose Super Cool Colour and one tube of L’Oreal Colourista in Pink. I liked both products, the BleachLondon gave me more applications and gave a more vibrant pink, while the L’Oreal gave me longevity. I’d buy both again, and in fact have backups of both as my local Sainsbury’s had both on clearance for under £4. It would’ve been rude not to, and I had run out of dye when I picked these up. Sticking to my project pan rules.

Another BleachLondon product I used up got its own review: the Silver Shampoo. When I first bleached my hair in summer my hairdresser asked if I had purple shampoo, and this was the one I had ready to banish yellow and brassy tones. This 500ml bottle lasted me eight months! I used it twice a week, and once as leave in treatment, but more on that in the review. It’s usually £8 which is really decent for something that lasts so long and I can say that my hair has not looked yellow or brassy. The final hair product was a collective effort: Batiste Cherry Dry Shampoo. I say collective as my housemates are always asking for dry shampoo, and I always have it. There’s not much to say other than the scent is pleasant and it stopped us looking like the greasy messes we often are.

Body // Only three in this category, first the Pink Lychee and Raspberry Imperial Leather shower gel. I bought this for my ski trip as I only had Lush soap at the time, it smelt great, wouldn’t necessarily repurchase again as they have so many other good scents. I finally used up the Soaper Duper Zesty Lemon body scrub, I got this in a Latest in Beauty box last June. It was used mainly when I had a fake tan fail late last year, it’s a really gritty scrub which helped me get as much tan off as possible, as well as having a fresh citrusy scent. Finally, I used up the Lush Once Upon A Time body lotion. I got it in first year, I’m now in third year, I loved the scent, I just never remember to use body lotions. I’ve now moved on to a huge tub of Soap&Glory body butter, so that will take me an age to use up.

Project Pan Update #1

Skincare // Not overly impressive in the skincare department. My GlamGlow SuperMud resigned itself to the empties bin as it completely dried out. In its defence it was quite old and there was only a couple of applications left. I probably won’t repurchase simply due to the extortionate cost for one facemask, but it was effective. I then used up a mini Clinique All About Eyes, nothing much to write home about, it’s nice enough but not necessarily revolutionary.

I somehow managed to use up THREE lip balms, which for someone who usually uses half before losing one is quite impressive. First is the Nivea Original Care lip balm, not a favorite, one of those lip balms you have in your bag in case of emergency but doesn’t really feel it’s fixing your dry as the Sahara lips. I got a free lip balm from Bumble as they sponsored the university ski trip, it was SPF15 and vanilla scented. For a free lip balm it was a lot more effective than the Nivea and if there was a chance to get another at a later date I probably would. The last lip balm was also bought for the ski trip, the Burt’s Bees Vanilla Bean balm. This was actually quite moisturising and didn’t just feel like it created a barrier – a reason why I hate Vaseline. If they were on offer I’d definitely consider a couple more for various bags.

Makeup // I rarely find myself using up makeup products, so I only have four. It took an eternity, but I managed to use up an Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray, I’ve had it so long it’s in their old packaging. I knew I was running out in December, so snapped up a reduced duo of the spray ready for the coming months. Another setting spray, this time a mini and the second mini I’ve used up: the GlamGlow Glowsetter. This smells like the red starbursts taste and leaves the skin fresh and glowy.

In recent years I’ve tended to use exclusively Benefit brow products, so unsurprisingly I have one in my empties: Precisely, My Brow Pencil in shade 3. I used to prefer Goof Proof but after trying to go with a more natural brow, this is the one. It’s so easy to make individual brow like strokes. I already have another ready to use as I get the big brow sets Benefit do in the sales after Christmas. Lastly, I used up the Clinique Pretty Easy liquid eyeliner pen. I’ve fallen out of love with traditional liquid liner, I just can’t get it right or it takes too long, so it lasted a while. It has a thin ish brush and draws a very dark black line, I have another already as I got one free with a Clinique order some time last year. I wouldn’t necessarily have bought another intentionally simply because eyeliner isn’t my thing anymore.

So overall, in two months I have used sixteen products. I don’t know if that’s a lot for me, I guess I will find out in the coming months. I think there will be more in the next update as I have quite a few close to completion already and it’s only the beginning of March. Let me know if you’re project panning this year and how it’s going!

Beth x

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