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// I have worked with Latest in Beauty previously, however this box was bought with my own money. \\

Am I meant to be on a spending ban… yes. Was I ever going to miss out on Latest in Beauty Style Awards box? Absolutely not. It doesn’t need any justification, but as someone who was meant to be on their first family holiday abroad in years as I’m writing this, I felt I needed a little bit of a pick me up. If that doesn’t justify it for you, let me inform you that this is the best value for money beauty box I have ever come across and everyone deserves a money saving treat!

Latest in Beauty Style Awards Box

The Latest in Beauty x Style Beauty Awards box isn’t just any beauty box. It is the crème de la crème in the beauty box world. While LiB do offer the conventional subscription service, the Style Awards box is a one off collection box, where you pick six products from a range of award winning, often full size, products for only £30. This year, they offered two product drops, with brands such as Charlotte Tilbury, Urban Decay, Elizabeth Arden and Huda Beauty. I eagerly got up at 6:45am on a Sunday morning, even convincing my best friend to do the same, to get our hands on the first drop. Bar some website glitches, I got all the products I wanted and they arrived earlier this week.

The standout items of the first drop by far were a full size Charlotte Tilbury lipstick and Huda Beauty palette – as you can imagine they were my must haves and the first items I added. The Charlotte Tilbury lipstick is in the cult shade Pillow Talk. The lipsticks retail for £25 and are some of the most luxe lipsticks I have come across; the addition of Pillow Talk takes my collection to 5, but I wish I could afford more.

Pillow Talk is part of the CT matte revolution formula, described as a universally flattering, iconic nude lipstick. I already own the lip liner, in fact I’d say it’s my most used lip product. I tend to use it all over the lip as lipstick, so having the lipstick version should stop me going through the liner too quickly. Both are CT best sellers, and the lip liner is definitely the first product I would suggest trying if you’re struggling with what to get first.

Latest in Beauty Style Awards Box

Huda Beauty only recently became easily accessible in the UK, but now it’s even on its way to Boots. I’d only tried some liquid lipsticks up until this point, thanks to my Aunt sending me a set from the UAE; I was very excited at the chance to try some more from the brand. The drop included one of the newest palettes in the Obsessions range: the Medium Nude Obsessions palette. Incredibly, this palette only launched in October and already made it into the Style Awards.

At £27, the palette seems pricey until you see you’re getting 9 shades; five mattes and four shimmery duochromes. I cannot wait to play with the duochromes they are beautiful. More than anything though, this palette looks versatile. I can see myself using the mattes day to day to create gorgeous natural looks, and the duochromes for nights out, when we can go out again of course!

Latest in Beauty Style Awards Box

After my last fake tan fail, you might be surprised to know I picked up a tanning mousse. While the website was being slow, I had a quick google and the Amanda Harrington Illuminating Body Mousse is worth an eye watering £36, so I thought why not? I chose the shade Natural Rose as my skin tone is fair, and while in isolation I’ll put it to the test. After doing some research it seems the brand suggest you use a tanning brush over a mitt, however as no brush was provided, and I don’t feel like spending a further £30 on a branded brush, I’ll just use a mitt.

As a skincare junkie I couldn’t resist choosing something from The Inkey List, another brand that has eluded me so far. Their Polyglutamic Acid retails at £12.99 and is said to be a better hydrator than hyaluronic acid. As a dry skin gal, I need this, especially as we’re inside a lot at the moment and for some reason my skin feels drier than normal. I will be seeing if the claims ring true in the near future for sure.

I have gone off winged eyeliner at the moment, though I am sure I’ll regain my love for it again soon. Even so, I saw the Code8 Precision Liquid Ink eyeliner in the drop and thought it was worth giving it a go. I used to love the KvD Beauty tattoo liner, until the whole antivaxer thing emerged, and that was because of its brush tip, I saw this also had a brush tip and I was sold. This retails for £28, and after stalking the website it does look pretty amazing, jet black, whether it is worth the price tag remains to be seen.

Latest in Beauty Style Awards Box

My final choice was a Jo Loves votive candle. I didn’t choose this for me, Gardenia is not a scent I opt for and this is so strong it sets off my hayfever! However, my stepmum is a big Jo Malone fan and I thought she would like it, so when I next see her (whenever that may be), I will pass it on for her to enjoy.

I’ve crunched the numbers and my box is worth an incredible £149; that’s nearly 5x the amount I paid! Not only that, but five out of the six products were full size. I do wish I had remembered about the second drop though. I missed out on a full size Urban Decay setting spray, Elizabeth Arden eight hour cream and Lisa Eldridge lipstick, but I do believe the first drop was best suited to me. Stay tuned to hear how the products I chose perform in the coming weeks!

Beth x

You can find the Latest in Beauty x Style Beauty Awards box on the Latest in Beauty website.

// I have worked with Latest in Beauty previously, however this box was bought with my own money. \\

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