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Time for another life update I think.. For someone who used to consistently post twice a week, the last year or so has been quite a strange one for my blog. Fresh off a rebrand in July 2018 and I had content ideas to last months, the enthusiasm to write multiple posts a day and plenty of time. Fast forward to Christmas 2019 and I was in the worst mental health state of my life, halfway through my final year as an undergrad and honestly, just existing. During this time I lost some of my best brand collaborations and a lot of my love of blogging; any posts that did make it out were a form of escapism from assignments I was meant to be writing. As my mental health got better, thanks mainly to counselling and a strong support network of friends, I started to want to post again, but that then coincided nicely with my final deadlines and a global pandemic.

Life Update

You might have seen me begin posting every couple of days on Instagram at the beginning of April. I took a week off of uni work while I adjusted to lockdown, and I found staging and taking photos to once again something to enjoy – in fact I often find the editing process my favourite part. I wanted to write again, but the guilt of doing anything that wasn’t going to help my degree was always in the back of my mind. The initial bout of motivation to take photos was swiftly followed by a quick succession of deadlines: my dissertation, alongside my other modules. I got everything in on time luckily, even managed to snap a quick dissertation hand in photo on my daily hour of exercise, but I only finished completely last Thursday (28th May).

I spent Friday doing nothing bar having a well deserved lie in and a food shop (wearing a mask of course). Saturday, when I’m writing this, started with a Covid19 test and then got me thinking what I wanted to do with my newfound freedom – even if the next 14 days require me to self isolate. I decided that what I wanted more than anything was to start putting time into my blog again. Ideally I need a job, however in the current climate that is not particularly viable until further restrictions are lifted, instead I will focus attention to writing, editing, photographing and marketing; all skills that could be beneficial for when I can get a job. You might think me crazy but I am staying to do a Masters next year, and if I can get back into my blog, I don’t see why it can’t be a form of escapism next year.

What will my content be like is the next question. In all honesty, I don’t know! I still love to write about beauty, but I think in the current climate I also need to be using my platform to discuss current social and political issues. I’m not saying I will be writing 3000 word essays complete with citations every week – though I have now spent over £27k on learning how to do so – instead I want to discuss issues that are important.

On that note, if you haven’t already, please sign the following petitions relating to the murder of George Floyd: #JusticeforFloyd; Charge the Officers in Connection; Justice for George Floyd and if you are able, please donate to the Minnesota Freedom Fund.

I don’t really have anything to add to my life update, except that I will hopefully begin to post more consistently over the summer and find my love of writing again.

Beth x

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