Lockdown 2.0

No posts since June. Not my finest hour and yet for once I’m not going to apologise. Due to the Covid19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown, I found myself with a Masters course that wasn’t going to start in September as planned, and finances that would have looked a lot better if my part time job wasn’t in hospitality; but we move. With no student loan to rely on (I still need to sort that actually), I had to find myself a full time job, which for me was a big change. Gone were the midday lie ins and all nighter essay writing days and in came an actual schedule, a 9-5, and absolutely no energy to put towards a blog of any kind.

lockdown pumpkin picking autumnal aesthetic

My contract ended mid October and I went home for the first time since July – good job I did as we entered Lockdown 2.0 the week after. In all honesty I haven’t done much since then, my productivity hit an all time low, I still played hockey three times a week, but overall I have nothing to show for the last fortnight. I don’t necessarily think that’s a problem, it will only become one if it continues indefinitely, and as someone with a history of spiralling in Winter… I’m going to try and stop that happening.

As I write this, I’m actually quite motivated to do something, anything to be honest, but of course I’m ill right now so not able to do any of the things. Isolation for a week without the ability to fill my time may just send me over the edge, but at least I can get through my to watch list. In the brief moments where I’m not feeling like death, I will be trying to do something, whether that be researching Instagram ideas for the upcoming months, writing easy posts like this or just brainstorming – something is always better than nothing. Yes, I’m trying to be as positive as possible, yes it’s annoying me too.

One thing I want to do this lockdown for sure is play with makeup more and blog about it. Working 9-5 with a mask on left little reason to experiment, even wearing mascara and brow gel felt like a waste at times, so why not try it now? OTT glittery look perfect for the NYE that is never going to happen in 2020? Why the hell not!? I also love editing photos, I find it very therapeutic, I just don’t have any to edit at present. Sadly, due to the wonders of Winter, getting decent photos is restricted by light so I may have to get creative this year.

I always love to ramble after an eternity away from blogging, this post doesn’t really have a structure, or a point, but it’s put me in the mood to write again and that’s what matters. I hope you’re doing okay if you’ve also found yourself in a second lockdown, let me know of anything you’ve been doing to keep yourself busy!

Beth x

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