Project Pan Roundup.

This post contains PR samples that have been sent to me for consideration. See my full disclaimer here…

Thanks to the unique experience that was 2020, my attempt at team project pan ended pretty much as soon as I left my third year university house. In fact the photos are from back in June, and while I did keep collecting up empties, I never had the motivation to take photos, or write posts – hence why this project pan roundup is up in early Jan. The plan is to continue trying to Project Pan my skin and makeup stash, through declutters and using things up. I will try to write up my thoughts of the products but I’m not going to promise anything as I quite like throwing things out once they’re used up now, much easier than keeping them in my wardrobe. This project pan roundup is my attempt at bringing the 2020 project pan to a close, as well as using the photos I took all those months ago!

project pan roundup

Hair // It’s no surprise that there’s a can of Batiste in my empties, with nowhere to go washing my hair became less important and dry shampoo helped stretch my hair between washes. This scent wasn’t my favourite but it also wasn’t unpleasant. I decided to use up a Bumble and Bumble dry shampoo mini as well, it seemed pointless saving it for a holiday I am unlikely to go on for a long while! It has an interesting scent and a strong spray, I wouldn’t spend the money on a full size one, but I’d happily use it again. I also used up another Tresemme hair mask, this one in particular was for coloured hair, it smelt very nice and made my hair feel very sleek and smooth. I finished the dregs of a purple shampoo when I decided dry shampoo was no longer an option, this time the Provoke one, again not as good as my favourite BleachLondon one, but it does the job when I don’t have any of that to hand.

Body // I finally started remembering to moisturise my body as well as my face in 2020 and used up both a tub of Soap&Glory Righteous Body Butter and the Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse body oil. I found the butter to smell the better of the two, but the oil to be most effective. I continued the trend in the shower using two Ro’s Argan Lush body conditioners, the scent is one of the only rose scents I actually enjoy, it smells more turkish delight than grandmother’s house. I used up both an Imperial Leather and Radox shower gels, the Imperial Leather was my favourite of the scents but I believe it was limited edition so I can’t repurchase it. The Beauty Pie foot peel was also a gross but satisfying experience – I have a post about BeautyPie as a whole coming soon – definite repurchase. The Arm and Hammer toothpaste on the other hand did nothing for my teeth bar what a regular toothpaste can do. Finally, I also used up two miniatures of Emporio Armani’s Because It’s You, I’ve since bought the full size as it is my all time favourite everyday scent.

project pan roundup

Skincare // I didn’t get through too many skincare products, however I did retire my Formula 10.0.1 facemask as it has been in my collection for far too long. I’m not sure what happened to the brand to be honest, but the mask was nice enough and smelt like Petit Filou yoghurts. A mini of the Dermalogica toner was really refreshing during the warmer months to spritz on my face, as was the use of Glamglow’s Thirsty Mud, one of my favourite hydrating facemasks. I also finished a Gravity Mud mini, I can’t say I noticed much firming action but it was a fun product at least. The Ordinary’s Niacinamide and Zinc helped clear up the beginning of my maskne before I used it up, and will be repurchased during my next order from them. I also dispensed of a miniature Clinique Moisture Surge into the larger pot I own, which has also since been used up – this post explains my love for the moisturiser. After about a year, I even managed to use up the huge Glow Tonic that Pixi sent me, while I do love it, I’m going to be trying a few cheaper options to see if they’re as good because Glow Tonic is not nice on my bank account! Finally, the Pomegranate Burts Bees lip balm helped solidify the range into my holy grail for lip balms, in these interesting times, potted lip balms don’t seem sanitary enough.

Makeup // Again, another smaller category in the project pan roundup, though this is less surprising considering the limited reasons there have been to wear any. I threw out two of my older BeautyBlenders are they were definitely past their prime, I also used up the BeautyBlender cleanser just before, though I found the pump to be a little tricky in dispensing product. It’s quite an expensive dish soap if I’m honest, and I’ll happily use soap or a cleanser instead. I also got to the end of my Laura Mercier Caviar stick in Tuxedo, I’ll be honest it’s another product that’s nice but probably not worth the price. I found it most useful when I was creating Halloween makeup looks. There’s a YSL mascara mini also in my empties, but that’s not actually an empty, instead I opened it once, went to use it and it was so heavily perfumed I didn’t want to put it anywhere near my eyes – I really don’t understand some brands’ love for over the top fragrance in makeup. I also finished minis of both the Smashbox setting spray and MAC Fix+, both very nice setting options, but I won’t be rushing out to repurchase either while I still have my trusty Urban Decay going strong. The final empty is the Revolution Conceal and Define concealer, I’ve not tried Tarte Shape Tape, which everyone says this is a dupe of. If it is a dupe then I won’t be buying the Tarte one, simply because I didn’t find its coverage particularly impressive and I’d rather use Collection Lasting Perfection, a long time favourite.

Thirty one products isn’t bad for my project pan roundup, not too many repurchases though – probably a good choice considering the size of my stash currently. As I said earlier, I am planning to continue project panning, though am more likely to do empties posts every month, or at least take photos of my empties each month to stop product build up; I might even share this on my Instagram rather than blog. Are you thinking of trying project panning in 2021?

Beth x

This post contains PR samples that have been sent to me for consideration. See my full disclaimer here…

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