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Feel Good Winter Routine.

Winter is coming and that means darker nights, shorter days and a whole lot of pick me ups are needed – skincare and otherwise. While…


Two Down, One to Go.

Fourteen assignments submitted, a few breakdowns related to statistics, and one MA dissertation to write, that’s my masters degree in a nutshell. I started with…


Some More Empties.

It’s empties time again; I decided this year I would focus on using up what I have and try to minimise my beauty spending. I’ve…


Reclaim the Night.

I used to enjoy the phrase ‘hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’, that was until I looked up its origins for this post.…


Lockdown Makeup Routine #1.

After being an advocate of the no makeup, no effort look in both lockdown 1 and 2, I’ve finally had a change of heart. I…


Master’s Organisation.

As of Monday, I’ve been back to student life – albeit a little different to the majority of my undergraduate degree. An online Master’s wasn’t…


Project Pan Roundup.

Thanks to the unique experience that was 2020, my attempt at team project pan ended pretty much as soon as I left my third year…


Enter 2021.

I’m not about to pretend we’re entering 2021 in the best of circumstances. On the day of writing this post it is Boxing Day, which…


Lockdown 2.0

No posts since June. Not my finest hour and yet for once I’m not going to apologise. Due to the Covid19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown,…


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