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Project Pan Update #2

I’m writing this update in May knowing full well it won’t be posted until June, as I’m in the midst of my final year deadlines…


Latest in Beauty x Style Beauty Awards

// I have worked with Latest in Beauty previously, however this box was bought with my own money. \\ Am I meant to be on…


An Isolation Update

Two weeks ago I posted my plans whilst in isolation, and three days later the UK was in lockdown… crazy times am I right? I…


5 Minute Beauty Routine

We’re officially in lockdown in the UK, and while I’m trying to keep a schedule, I’m not going to be spending half an hour of…


Organising Life When You’re a Serial Procrastinator

In theory, I should be super organised and to an extent I am; my calendar always has my deadlines in as soon as I know…


Project Pan Update #1

How I ever thought I would manage to post my empties every month I will never know. The end of January saw my penultimate undergraduate…


Bleach London Silver Shampoo

Getting highlights over summer was both the best, and most expensive, decision I made last year. I’d grown bored of my dark blonde hair, in…


The SUSU Marketplace, A Year On

This post is a paid for advertorial feature with the SUSU Marketplace and See my full disclaimer here… Around a year ago I first…


Dermalogica Skiing Must Haves

I knew a week in the Alps would cause havoc for my skin; high altitude, constant heating, wind burn, the sun etc, everything was out…


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