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The ‘I Just Got Back From Holiday’ Look

Not that you’d know from my nonexistent tan, but I just got back from holiday, well a couple of weeks ago anyway! I always find…


Mask Month #2

Welcome to the second instalment of Mask Month, (or Mask Month #2.) Last week saw me going for only a couple of highend masks. Partly…


The Red Lipsticks That Scream Confidence

Red lipstick is great isn’t it? It covers so many things. Want to look confident? Red lipstick. Want to look like a film star? Red…


The Double Cleansing Secret Weapon

We all know how important it is to remove our makeup at the end of the day. I mean, if you haven’t seen all the…


Mask Month #1

I have more facemasks than any one person can put on their face in a year, unless you’re planning on doing several a night that…


Results with Lucy: 2nd Time Lucky

I really want to get fitter, that’s been my aim for a while. I play hockey, but that is only really from September to March…


A Disappointing Foundation

You might remember that this time last year the beauty world went mad for The Ordinary’s skincare. They had everything you could possibly need to…


A Pixi Perfect Trio

I am lucky enough to get to work amazing brands, one of which is Pixi and if you missed it a few months back they…


£16 for a Lip Balm!? Can Clinique Justify the Price?

I spent how much on a lip balm? I think what would be more worrying is if we totalled up the cost of all the…


Keeping the Skin Pollutant Free with TheBodyShop

I’m loading on the changes on the blog at the moment aren’t I!? First I change my images from landscape to portrait, and now I…


Lasting Coverage? The Latest from Urban Decay

For someone who loves her base products, I’ve tried a relatively small amount from one of my favourite brands: Urban Decay. As a beauty blogger…


New and Natural Antipodes Skincare

Who am I? I have been loyal to landscape photos on the blog since it began in 2012, but I thought it was finally time…


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