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And Then She Was 20!

Taking this photo on the hottest day of the year probably wasn’t my smartest move; especially when the prep for this shot involved attaching huge…


The Eight Brushes to Create Any Look

I won’t try and convince you that I actually needed anymore brushes, (I totally did and not just because I’m too lazy to wash some…


What if Second Year is Actually Better than First Year?

It would be a complete lie if I said my first year at university was everything I expected it to be. The only post you…


LiB Global Beauty Lookbook May 19 Edit

We already know I love a beauty box, LiB kindly sent me their Grazia box which I reviewed two posts back (can you tell I…


Clinique Even Better Refresh

It has definitely been a while since I posted, nearly two months in fact. I will of course blame that on my poor time management…


LiB Grazia Repair&Renew Edit

I love a beauty box, I think everyone probably knows this by now, especially if you’re a regular reader. Latest in Beauty got in touch…


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