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Pretending to be a Fashion Blogger

I am so not a fashion blogger that I actually had to create a fashion category to file this post under. So if that doesn’t…


Trying the PMD Personal Microderm

When someone offers you the chance to try a gadget which could, supposedly, be seen to remove the need for a facial you knew I…


NARS Ransom Lip Pencil Set

I am a sucker for buying myself gifts, especially around times when assignments are due and sales are on. I love NARS base and lip…


Stars of Clinique Set

There’s something rather exciting about a set of travel sized products for me. I think it’s because I enjoy trying new things and travel sizes…


CMA Guidelines: Blogger Transparency

A blog hiatus was inadvertently scheduled until February due to exams and the plan was to spend the week before Semester 2 starts planning content……


Project Panning for the First Time

I love beauty products. This is obviously not a new, nor groundbreaking statement; I used to blog exclusively about makeup and skincare and you’ll often…


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