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Liquid Lipsticks the Pixi Beauty Way

Late last year, out of the blue, I was added to Pixi’s PR list. It was one of those opportunities that really made me think…


Why I LOVE Instagram Pods!

I’ve seen a lot of people who seem to dislike, or even hate the idea of comment pods. Whereas, I’m all for Instagram pods, I…


TZone Skincare Trial*

Spots have been ruining my skin confidence for what seems like forever, when in reality it is that time of the month more than anything that…


Low Maintenance, High Impact: M&S Shadow Sticks*

We’ve all been there: you need to leave in 15 minutes, there is definitely not enough time for a full face of makeup, but you…


Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips: Purse Sized and Pretty

All of a sudden, I have found myself on the Charlotte Tilbury bandwagon. I only jumped on last August, but now I have found myself…


Welcome to WordPress

This post is going to be a slight deviation, from the usual beauty filled mayhem that usually graces these pages, and I say mayhem as…


There’s A Time and a Place for Tinted Lipbalm

As the title would suggest: there is a time and a place for a tinted lip balm. Be that when you have sore lips but…


So White Body Spray: Crisp and Refreshing

If you were ever to ask me what my favourite scent it, you’d find me trying to decide between peaches and apples. For peach scents…


The Lazy Way To Remove Makeup*

Now we all know to steer clear of face wipes. Though I admit that every once in a while I do use a wipe, I…


Pixi Glow Tonic: A Holy Grail*

I’m going to be honest here, but if you put my name on a product I will undoubtedly love it 100x more, which is impressive…


5 Things Every Student Must Do in 2018

A little bit of a different post today, I hope you don’t mind! Monday I started second semester at uni, I’ve successfully (I hope) completed…


My New Bourjois Purchases

Back when I first started watching YouTube and reading blogs everyone used to rave about the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation. The only problem at the…


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