White people, we need to do better; we’ve known this for some time and have not addressed this. I have taken #blackouttuesday to compile a list of resources that can help us educate ourselves on the whole truth of the British Empire, not just that of the so called ‘greatness’ of it. I am very aware that my education of the British Empire in primary and secondary school was lacking – we briefly covered the slave trade, though barely related it back to Empire itself, almost separating the atrocity from the eminence of Empire. I opted to study history further at ALevel – it was only here I learnt about both sides of Empire, the one that made people rich and the one that stripped many of their lives. While I have not studied Empire since, I still retain an large interest and subsequently have found many resources that I believe will be beneficial to others who wish to educate themselves about the side of Empire which does not read as British Propoganda.

Due to the large timeframe that the British Empire covers, I have divided the resources into topics. If the topics as a whole appear overwhelming, I would suggest watching Empire, a BBC produced and Jeremy Paxton presented, documentary series, available on YouTube. It should be noted that Paxton conducts biographical interviews, in some asking if people are grateful for the British interference, this can be said to counterproductive when exploring the implications of Empire.

Empire and the Slave Trade Resources

British Civil Rights Movements

Aside from Empire, I take a great interest in Linguistics; I just finished my undergraduate degree at the University of Southampton. I have, in the works, some blog posts regarding linguistic diversity and discrimination which I will post links to once published.

More resources will be added when it is possible to do so. Watch this space.

If you find any of these resources useful, and are in a position to, please donate to the Black Lives Matter initiative in your country.

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