British Civil Rights Movements

This is not an exhaustive timeline. If you notice any irregularities or important events have not been included, please get in touch.

1958 Notting Hill Race Riots
The Notting Hill Riots of 1958 (available online), a collection of documents collated by Warwick University, interviews, letters and press releases.
The ‘Forgotten’ Race Riot (available online), BBC report looking back at the riots.
Notting Hill Riot (available on YouTube), video documenting the riots, including interviews and British government response.
Notting Hill Riots 1958 (available at Wiley), explores the causes of the riots.
“Whatever Community Is, This Is Not It”: Notting Hill and the Reconstruction of “Race” in Britain after 1958 (available at Cambridge University Press), impact and aftermath of race relations.

1963 The Bristol Bus Boycott
What was behind the Bristol bus boycott of 1963? (available online), background to the boycott.
The Bristol Bus Boycott of 1963 (available online), overview of the background, boycott and resolution.
What was behind the Bristol bus boycott? (available online), BBC article, includes video interviews.
The Bristol Bus Boycott (available online), National Education Union handout.
Racial Discrimination in Employment? (available online), 45 page discussion of the boycott, including reference to racial discrimination regarding employment opportunities.
The Cross-National Diffusion of the American Civil Rights Movement: The Example of the Bristol Bus Boycott of 1963 (available online), compares the Bristol Bus Boycott with the US Montgomery bus boycotts.

1965 Campaign Against Racial Discrimination (CARD)
Runnymede Trust (available online), overview of CARD.
The Limits of Campaigning Against Racial Discrimination (available at Oxford University Press), chp 6, explores the effectiveness and limitations of CARD.

1965 Race Relations Act
Blessing or a Curse? (available online), explanation and assessment of the act 50 years on.
How far have we come? Lessons from the Race Relations act. (available online), in depth exploration of the act and its presence in present day society.
Race Relations Act 1965 (available on Jstor).
Legislating against Hatred: Meaning and Motive in Section Six of the Race Relations Act of 1965 (available at Oxford Academic), notes a government agenda not protecting minorities even though the act passed suggested a step towards equality.

1968 Extension of the Race Relations Act
What was the Race Relations Act? (available online), easy to understand BBC Newsround explanation of the act.
Race Relations Act 1968 (available at Wiley), explores the changes to the act and their effectiveness.

1970 The Mangrove Nine
The Black Panthers in London, 1967–1972 (available online), notes the involvement of London Black Panthers in the Mangrove Nine case.
Mangrove Nine Trial (available online), overview of the trial.
England’s Racist Show Trial (available on YouTube), short documentary about the trial.
Bass Culture: An Alternative Soundtrack to Britishness (available online), pp. 103-104.

1976 Further Extention of the Race Relations Act
The Origins of the Race Relations Act (available online), Warwick University publication covering the context, influence of US policy and the impact of research.
Race Relations Act 1976 (available online), UK goverment original record.
The Race Relations Act 1976 (available at Sage), exploration of the inclusion of indirect discrimination.

1999 The MacPherson Report
The Stephen Lawrence Enquiry (available online), full government report, 389 pages.
What has really happened since MacPherson’s report (available online), BBC investigation into present day effects.
Policing diversity and vulnerability in the post-Macpherson era: Unintended consequences and missed opportunities (available online), critiques of the report.
The Macpherson Report and the question of institutional racism (available online), exploration of institutional racism highlighted in the report.
Assessing the impact of the Stephen Lawrence inquiry (available online), present day effects of the report.

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