I pride myself on being a PR friendly blogger, you won’t find many products that aren’t as it’s quite expensive running a blog focusing on product reviews without being one. That is not to say that I only feature PR samples, I buy a decent number of products myself – I’m a self-confessed beauty lover. Sending me a product does not guarantee a feature, nor a positive review. Each post published contains my own opinion and experience, I do not wish to recommend a product I would not buy myself, it would be unethical and as the wise Lydia E Millen once said, ‘you can’t get back integrity’ (I’m paraphrasing slightly here, but you get the gist.)

Up until June 2018, I used an Asterix (*) to mark my PR samples, a disclaimer at the bottom of each post, and the tag ‘pr sample’. This has now changed, to me the starring system is outdated and looks highly unprofessional. Now, I place a disclaimer at the top and bottom of the post, which I am able to edit depending on the PR, so if you wish to skip these posts you can.


Sponsored posts and advertorial posts will be categorised differently as the ASA wants more transparency from bloggers and influencers. These will now be categorised as either ‘sponsored’ or ‘advertorial’, which will appear above the post title on the homepage, so you know before you click. There will also be a message before the posts starts stating who sponsored the post, or who the advert is for. If you believe this is not enough, please get in touch as I want BethEmilyDann to be as transparent as possible when it comes to paid for content.

Any sponsored content you may see on bethemilydann will be my own work, a brand or retailer is paying to be featured, but has no control over the content of the post. They may be shown it before publishing but are not able to change areas drastically or add opinion that is not my own. Advertorial content on the other hand has been paid for by a brand or retailer and they have given a brief of what they wish to be included. Both sponsored content and advertorials rarely occur on bethemilydann as they must be a perfect fit for my blog – you won’t find me writing a post on car tyres when I am unable to drive yet.

I also sometimes use affiliate links within my posts, these links allow me to gain slight commission off sales made through use of the link. (Commission percentage varies.) These will be highlighted with a note at the bottom of the post with a link to this disclaimer. Obviously there is no pressure to use my code or link, it will just help a student blogger out.

On Instagram and Instagram Stories, any paid for posts will be labelled AD, any posts containing gifted products or services will be labelled AD | GIFTED for products or AD | UNPAID for services.

Tweets that are promoting my blog posts which contain gifted products will start with GIFTED and tweets that promote paid for posts will just be labelled AD.

For more explanation as to why I am labelling posts from the 25th of January 2019 this way, please see this post. If you have any questions or queries you can email me at: info@bethemilydann.co.uk

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